15 Common Questions About Mold, Health, and Indoor Air Quality

15 Common Questions About Mold, Health, and Indoor Air Quality

15 FAQs About Mold, Health, and Indoor Air Quality!

15 FAQs About Mold, Health, and Indoor Air Quality!
15 FAQs About Mold, Health, and Indoor Air Quality!

Valor Mold has been helping residents in the Washington DC area with mold removal since 2006.

During this period we have encountered many questions about mold and the impact it can have on health.

Listed below are the top 15 questions we have encountered with links to articles that provide detailed answers.

#1 How Toxic Is Black Mold?

Black mold aka Stachybotrys is the dreaded toxic mold people worry about. This article explains what it is and the top 15 health problems exposure causes! Learn About Black Mold!

#2 What Role Does Genetics Play In Mold Illness?

Do You Have A Genetic Predisposition To Mold Illness? This article explains what Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome is and lists the top 37 symptoms. Learn About Mold And Genetics!

#3 Is There A Link Between Mold and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Does mold cause chronic fatigue syndrome? Scientific research suggests there is a link between mold, mycotoxins, and ME/CFS. Learn About Mold and Chronic Fatigue!

#4 What Are The Top 3 Reasons Mold Sickness Is A Hidden Epidemic?

Hidden mold and modern day building practices are two key reasons. What do you think the third one is? Learn About Mold Sickness Epidemic!

#5 What Is The Link Between Mold and Sinusitis?

13% of Americans suffer from chronic sinusitis. Did you know that mold could be the cause? This article cites research from the Mayo Clinic. Learn About Mold and Sinusitis!

#6 Could Mold Be A Possible Cause Of Multiple Sclerosis?

What impact does mold have on the myelin sheath? This article explores the possible links between mold and Multiple Sclerosis. Learn About Mold and Multiple Sclerosis!

#7 What Can I Do If I Am Mold Sensitized?

Think mold might be making you sick. This article explains how to determine if mold is making you sick and what you can do! Learn What To Do If Your Are Mold Sensitized!

#8 Will Dead Mold Spores Harm My Health If The Mold Is Killed With Bleach?

Should bleach be used to kill mold? This article explains why mold grows and the top 3 reasons why bleach is not effective on mold. Learn About Dead Mold Spores From Bleach!

#9 What Is The Link Between Mold and Depression?

This article explains why mold is a potential cause of depression by citing symptoms, scientific research, and testimonials from patients sickened by mold! Learn About Mold and Depression!

#10 Are Dopamine Receptors Affected By Mold?

Is There A Link Between Mold and Parkinson’s Disease? Researchers from Rutgers and Emory Universities believe there is. This article explains why. Learn About Mold and Dopamine Receptors!

#11 Is There A Link Between Mold and Asthma?

Can mold cause asthma? Yes, it can. This article explains, citing four research studies from around the world. Learn About Mold and Asthma!

#12 Does Your Air Conditioner Have Mold?

Your air conditioner can be a source of mold contamination. This article explains why, health consequences, and what you can do to fix and prevent mold issues. Learn About Moldy Air Conditioner Prevention!

#13 Does A Low ERMI Score Mean Your Home Is Safe From Mold?

A Low ERMI Score Does Not Mean Your Home Is Mold Free! This article explains why ERMI is not a valid test in Post Mold Remediation Verification. Learn About ERMI Scores!

#14 Is My Crawl Space Contaminating My Indoor Air?

Did you know that if you have mold in your crawl space, this could negatively impact the air you breath in your home. This article explains why. Learn About Crawl Space Contamination!

#15 How Safe Is My Indoor Air?

Can Indoor Air Pollution Make Me Sick? This article explains what causes bad air, how to determine if it is making you sick, and what actions you can take. Learn About Indoor Air Pollution!

Got Mold and Health Questions?

If you are concerned about mold and think that it may be impacting your health, please do not hesitate to contact us because we specialize in helping mold sensitized individuals.

Our team of professionals looks forward to serving you.

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