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3 Reasons Charlottesville Homeowners
Put Off Mold Remediation

Hesitating To Hire A Mold Remediator?
The Longer You Wait, The Worse The Problem Will Get.


So you’re a Charlottesville homeowner who’s got mold. 

You know you should do something about it. You know it needs to be kicked to the curb. 

But something is holding you back from fixing it—whether it’s cost, lack of time, or simply the inconvenience.

The problem, however, is that mold is dangerous to your health—and becomes more so the longer you wait to remove it.

Mold doesn’t care if you’re busy. It doesn’t care that you don’t want to spend the money. It’s going to keep on doing what it’s doing: perpetually getting worse and posing a health hazard for your home.

That’s why I want to briefly offer up counterarguments to 3 reasons you may be putting off mold remediation. 


Because you might just find that fixing your mold project is more affordable and easier than you think.

Excuse 1: “Mold Remediation Costs Too Much”

I get it—no one wants to pay for mold remediation.

It’s okay to admit. You won’t hurt my feelings. On a scale of “fun” things to spend money on, mold remediation ranks somewhere between the mortgage payment and car insurance.

But mold remediation is an essential investment. It has to be made. Otherwise, it can have serious consequences for your health.

Counterargument: It May Not Be As Expensive As You Think

Fortunately, mold remediation doesn’t have to drain your bank account.

Example: Our mold remediation prices start at $2,799 (the equivalent of a 10×10 room). That’s nowhere near the most expensive, but it’s also not the cheapest. Our prices align with what it takes to do the job right—no more or less.

Still, you may feel a little apprehensive about the price, even if you have the cash on hand. This is exactly why we offer flexible financing

Not only do we offer no-interest and low-interest options, but we can also secure you payments as low as $46 a month. 

Other potential good news for your wallet: If you think you have mold but don’t actually see it, you may just need a mold test. Using groundbreaking technology, we’re able to offer the area’s most comprehensive mold testing… for the lowest possible price

The best question to ask is this: How much is your health worth? Because subpar remediation, although cheap, puts you at risk.

Excuse 2: “It’s Hard To Find A Trustworthy Remediator”

Hey, I’m with you on that one. Mold remediators get a bad rap for a reason: Most of them deserve it! 

Mold remediation has exactly zero regulations. There is no oversight. So remediators can get away with pretty much whatever they want.

Here’s an example…

Shady mold remediators buy workers compensation insurance for janitors or office staff because it’s waaayyyy cheaper than workers-comp insurance for mold techs. So when the remediator shows you their proof of insurance, it only looks like they have the proper workers comp. Sneaky!

Why is a remediator having proper insurance a big deal?

Because if a mold tech injures himself on your property, the insurance company will deny the workers comp claim. Then YOU and your homeowner’s insurance are on the hook for their tech’s medical bills.

I could write a hundred Harry Potter-sized books about the dishonest things dubious remediators do. But I’ll give you just one more example… 

A notoriously unethical mold company tried to squeeze Ray, one of my customers, out of THOUSANDS of dollars he didn’t need to spend. I had to step in and convince Ray that his “$20K” mold problem was actually only $5,598. 

You can read the full story in this case study: Standing Up To The Bullies.

Counterargument: Honest Mold Remediators ARE Out There

But Proper Containment Is More Than Just A Barrier…

Honest mold companies do exist. You just have to know how to tell the difference between the honest remediators… and the companies POSING as honest remediators.

Here are a few key differentiators:


Like the time we walked away from a $250K job. Or when we refused a foreman’s request for indoor air cleaning because he didn’t need it. Or Ray, who I just mentioned above. 

Honest remediators will have plenty of stories of times they DIDN’T do what was most profitable… they did what was RIGHT.

Online reviews are a good indicator of whether you can trust a remediator. But even more relevant is what impartial industry professionals say about them. 

For example, two separate independent mold testers have gone on record saying we’re the most trustworthy remediator in the area. That we’re who they’ll call to remediate if they ever get mold in their own home. 

I didn’t pay them to say this. And it wasn’t some “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” arrangement. They simply recognize our honesty and commitment to doing things the right way.

Also of note:

  • We remediated the home of Joe Hernandez, formerly of Wise & Donahue Law Firm and one of the top mold lawyers in VA/DC. 
  • Neil Bixler, the “godfather” of mold lawyers in Maryland, adamantly wanted us to remediate his home. (His property manager owned the building and wouldn’t let us, though—you can’t win them all!).
  • We remediated the historic home of General Logan, for whom Logan Circle in Washington DC is named after.

Mold remediation practices are constantly evolving. What may be the best way to do something today may be obsolete by next year.

To ensure proper remediation, it’s critical to choose a remediator who understands this. So when you’re vetting remediators, check out their certifications  Are they IICRC Certified? Are they officially licensed? Do they practice ongoing education to stay up to date on the best practices?

These are vital questions to ask because the answers can reveal how much a mold remediator cares about utilizing proper remediation methods. 

Excuse 3: “Mold Remediation Is Inconvenient”

Yes, it is

You may not be able to access parts of your home for days. A section of your wall may need to be removed and replaced. And you’ll have to listen to a noisy machine running in your home for hours after the remediation.

In terms of fun, you’d probably have a better time at the dentist.

Counterargument: Brain Surgery Is Also Inconvenient

You know what’s less fun than getting the mold removed from your home? Having life-saving brain surgery.

Think about how inconvenient it is. There’s the hospital stay. The recovery process. The time you have to take off work. The follow-up appointments.

Who wants to deal with all that?

Well, you do… if you want to live.

Think of mold remediation the same way. 

It’s not something you WANT to do. It’s something you HAVE to do. For your health. And your family’s. So a little bit of inconvenience now is worth it later.

Fortunately, the mold remediators who truly care do their best to make your experience as painless as possible. And we’re one of them.

We bend over backward to accommodate your lifestyle and minimize the disruption to your daily routine. We can’t promise you Disney World-levels of fun during your remediation. Or that you won’t experience any inconvenience whatsoever. But we can ensure your experience is as pleasant as can possibly be.

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