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5 Warning Signs That You’re About To Hire The Wrong Mold Remediator

If A Remediator Says ANY Of The Following, Show Them The Door. Immediately.

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Let’s face it: There are a lot of not-so-good mold remediators in Central VA, Northern VA, and Washington DC. The problem is figuring out who, exactly, these remediators are.

After all, you’re no mold remediation expert. Nor are any other homeowners. So you don’t know what proper remediation consists of… and what it doesn’t.

The good news is that you don’t need to have a PhD in mold removal to know if a mold remediator is worthy of your money. You can filter out 95% of the bad remediators just by paying attention to these 5 warning signs…

Warning Sign #1: The Remediator Says They’ll Kill The Mold

Killing mold is actually pointless. A dead mold spore causes the same health problems as a live mold spore. We discuss this in deep detail on our No Chemicals page.

As the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard For Professional Mold Remediation states:

“Physically removing mold contamination is the primary means of remediation. Mold contamination should be physically removed from the structure, systems and contents…. Attempts to kill, encapsulate or inhibit mold instead of proper source removal generally are not adequate.” [Section 4.4 – Principles Of Mold Remediation; page 18]

So if a mold remediation company says they’ll kill your mold, tell them to take a hike.

Warning Sign #2: The Remediator Says Demolition Isn’t Needed—Only Fogging

This is basically a more specific version of Warning Sign #1. Fogging is the “lazy man’s” way to remediate. It doesn’t get rid of the problem… AND it can cause severe health issues.

Again, deep cleaning and demolition are the only correct way to solve a mold problem. The reason most remediators DON’T do it this way is because it’s hard, time consuming, and requires a ton of patience.

If a mold remediator tells you the demolition isn’t needed and fogging will work just fine, run away. Fast.

Warning Sign #3: The Remediator Relies Heavily On Antimicrobials

The average success rate of the mold-removal industry is 65%. That means 35% of mold remediation jobs do NOT pass mold testing the first time.

If you recall, a 65% is a “D” in school. It’s the edge of failure.

Remember what your parents would do if you got a “D” on your report card? Or what YOU do if YOUR child gets a “D” on a test? Exactly.

The reason, yet again, for failure is the mold industry’s reliance on chemicals.

Here is another excerpt from the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard For Professional Mold Remediation:

“Source removal of mold contamination should always be the primary means of remediation. Indiscriminate use of antimicrobials, coatings, sealants, and cleaning chemicals is not recommended.” [Section 5.8.1 – Chemicals (Antimicrobials & Biocides); page 20]

Just how much more effective is the approach like ours? While the industry success rate is 65%, our success rate is 96%. Sticking with the school grades metaphor, that’s an “A.”

Bottom line: If a mold removal company says they rely on chemicals, odds are that they’re a “’D student.”

Warning Sign #4: The Remediator Says Air Scrubbers Need To Run For 2-3 Days

Air scrubbers absolutely do not need to run that long after remediation. If a remediator tells you this, they are either A) uniformed or B) trying to squeeze more money out of you.

We explain this in detail in this article: Exposed: The Daily-Rental-Fee Ripoff Of “Commercial” Air Scrubbers. Essentially, air scrubbers are quick and easy money for dishonest mold remediators. They sit back and relax while they rake in the cash.

Ask a mold remediator upfront about their post-remediation air scrubber practices. If they say they need to run air scrubbers for 2 to 3 days, find another remediator.

Warning Sign #5: The Remediator Says Negative Air Pressure Is An Outdated Practice

Some mold remediators say that negative air pressure is the “old” way of doing things because their modern air filters eliminate the need for it.

That is completely, utterly false.

Negative air pressure is vital for ensuring mold doesn’t escape the contained area. But, as we explain in this article, it has to be done RIGHT. Otherwise, it’s useless… and can actually be dangerous.

Most remediators don’t want to take the time to set up negative air pressure correctly. So they say their modern air filters are a superior method for keeping mold in the contained area. The truth, however, is that even the best air filters do NOWHERE near as good of a job as proper negative air pressure. Period.

How To Ensure Mold Remediation Done RIGHT

Proper mold remediation is tough work. And it’s not exactly fun for homeowners. But it is CRITICAL for the health and safety of your home… and everyone in it.

If you’re in Central VA, Northern VA, or Washington DC, contact us to get your mold removed right. We’re the mold remediator that practices Open-Book Honesty and has by far the best success rate for removing mold. We also offer cutting-edge Mold Testing that’s instant, accurate, and cost-effective

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