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Our Info Center Provides You With A Crash Course
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One of our company goals is to educate homeowners in the Northern VA, Southern MD, and Washington DC areas about all things mold. It’s why we constantly update our blog with the latest tips, news, and recommendations. And it’s why we’ve created this page: The Mold Info Center.

We’ve compiled some of our best videos and articles below. Take a few minutes to explore them—you’ll receive a crash-course in Mold 101. Having this knowledge will empower you to make the right decision for your home.

Educational Mold Videos

In 2016, Valor Mold Removal owner David Myrick taught a class on mold at the Women’s Forum in Fredericksburg, VA. Topics included…

  • The problems with chemical mold remediation
  • Misconceptions about black mold
  • The link between mold exposure and upper respiratory sickness
  • How mold in the household affects children
  • Why your body can’t just “get used” to mold in your home
  • And more

Heavy rainfall hit DC, VA, and MD in the summer of 2018. Fox 5 interviewed David for advice on what to do if moisture is creating mold in your home.

A common question clients ask is how long air scrubbers should run in a containment area after remediation. A lot of mold remediators make a big deal about how they run their air scrubbers for 48-72 hours after remediation. But the truth is that, when done right, air scrubbers need to run for only about two hours!

Why soda blasting is more effective than sanding or wire-brushing when removing mold from wood.

Educational Mold Articles

Valor Mold Removal Info Series: “I Found Mold! Now What?”

Here’s what to do—step by step—if you discover mold in your home. Tip #1? Don’t Panic!

Valor Mold Removal Info Series: “I Have Mold In My Heating & Air Conditioning!”

Why your HVAC system is prone to a false diagnosis for mold.

Valor Mold Removal Info Series: “Why Is My Roof Moldy?”

Here is the real reason you have a moldy roof… and what you can do about it.

How To Lose Your Money, Sanity & Credibility In 1 Mold Project

Valor Mold Removal owner David Myrick wrote a guest column for the trade magazine Restoration & Remediation about the unintended drawbacks of Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) testing.

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