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Bad Remediation Is Worse Than
No Remediation: Part Two

Why Going The Cheap Route
Can Cost You Everything

Nobody likes spending money and, as with most Virginia homeowners, the cost of mold remediation can come with a fair amount of sticker shock. And that shock can cause homeowners like you to make one of several mistakes:
  • Trying to do it yourself
  • Choosing the lowest bid
  • Waiting until later
Any one of these choices will end up costing you more in the end, just as it did the homeowner in the following case.

A Missed Opportunity

Sherry called us to come out for an estimate to remediate the mold in her home. She’d had a flooding incident in her bathroom, and she had noticed mold building up near the floor.
Sherry said she wasn’t experiencing any health problems, and she wanted things to stay that way, so she needed her mold problem handled quickly.
Before we could get to her home, she canceled the appointment, saying she’d found a different company that could get there sooner than us.
That was a mistake on her part. Even if she hadn’t chosen us to do the work, a big part of our initial visit is educating homeowners on the basics of mold and how to pick a reputable company.
While we consider ourselves the best remediators around, there are still a couple of honest and relatively thorough companies out there, and we prefer to teach our potential clients how to spot the good ones.
Had we the chance, one of the big signs that a remediation company isn’t very good at what they do is when they can get to you right away. If they were even slightly reputable, they’d be booked out weeks in advance.
Sherry never got to hear that lesson, and that lack ended up ruining her health for the rest of her days.

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NOT The Deal Of A Lifetime

Sherry found a “mold” company willing to give her a quote that matched what she felt mold remediation should cost, so she gave them the job.
Nine months later, she was begging us to come out and find out why her health had since taken a dive. She was now highly sensitive to mold and was living in a motel. Her doctor told her she couldn’t spend more than 15 minutes per day in her own home.
Instead of helping her, the cut-rate remediation company she hired had made everything a hundred times worse.

Remediation? Not Even Close!

The prior contractor had cut out her walls to remove the mold. Well, the panels that were easy to reach anyway.
You see, Sherry’s home used baseboard hot-water heat, and her bathroom was no different. But instead of removing the heater to get at the wall behind, they just ignored it completely. In fact, they didn’t even remove the water-logged carpet in her bathroom.
We’re not really sure what they did outside of removing a little drywall. It’s quite possible that’s all they did. The only thing we knew for certain was that nobody performed proper remediation in her home.
So for over half a year, the mold they missed continued to grow throughout her bathroom and then out into her home, where she basically marinated in mold spores for months.
The result is that, after months of massive levels of infestation and direct exposure to its spores, Sherry developed a severe case of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, which makes her immune system go into overdrive whenever she’s near even a light concentration of spores.
Sadly, it’s unlikely that she’ll ever get better, and all because she thought she found a great deal.

First Health – Then Wealth

After we performed a full inspection of her home, we found that the mold had spread beyond her bathroom and into her home with spore counts between 75,000 and 90,000.
The normal count for her neighborhood is between 2,000 and 5,000 – her home was now badly contaminated.
Based on what she told us initially, our original quote would have fallen in the $6,700 range, but that number was now just a dream.
Based on what we found, our new quote, considering her new need for exceptionally low mold levels and the need to meticulously clean everything she kept in the affected rooms, was $75,000.
She couldn’t have had a worse outcome from trying to save money if she had planned it out.
If you think you have a mold problem in your Virginia or DC area home and you want to learn how it all works and who to avoid, contact us at Valor Mold Removal for a free estimate.

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