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Coming To Kristi’s Rescue

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Central Virginia

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Kristi’s children were experiencing several health issues. She suspected the culprit was mold in her Central VA home.

She brought in a certified mold tester to inspect her home. He performed a thorough analysis that included several air samples, direct swab samples, moisture readings, and more). The result confirmed Kristi’s suspicion…

Her home was, in fact, plagued with mold!

The mold was in Kristi’s basement due to water intrusion prior to her owning the home. Kristi spent hours and hours researching mold remediation companies online. Then Kristi’s friend recommended us to her.

A Crash Course In Mold Removal

At Valor Mold Removal, we’re all about educating homeowners. The remediators that Kristi researched prior to calling us all used ineffective methods like killing and fogging mold. So she thought that’s how we would get rid of her mold issue.


Chemical treatments and killing mold simply do not work. We educated Kristi on our proven process for mold remediation:

  1. Contain the mold
  2. Set up air filtration devices
  3. Use a chemical-free process to strip mold from objects that can be saved
  4. Remove moldy objects that can’t be saved
  5. Use an ultra-thorough, chemical-free cleaning process to remove mold spores

After we provided Kristi with a crash course in proper mold removal, she chose to move forward with the remediation.

Kristi’s Mold Remediation Experience

The thing about us is that we don’t just remove mold right—we do it with genuine passion for creating a low-stress customer experience.

Understandably, Kristi was worried about the mold in her home. Leading up to the project, she emailed, called, and texted us with several questions. Whether she spoke with office manager Louis (who Kristi calls “Mother Mold”), Valor owner David Myrick, or a Valor representative, Kristi was always able to get the answers she wanted. 

On remediation day, Kristi’s husband took their four kids out of town. Here is Kristi’s experience in her words:

“This team started by breakfast and didn’t leave until the job was done. Completely done AND done correctly. That was well past dinner time. We had white bunny suits, zip-up walls, giant air scrubbers, and cool waving tunnels hanging out of my basement windows. They circulated ALL of the air out so that no mold spores traveled. The team meticulously cleaned EVERYTHING once they were done.”

Before we left for the day, we left a couple of air scrubbers running overnight. We came back to test the airborne mold levels the next day, and everything was great. Mold problem solved.

But we also ran into a small surprise…

An (Unexpected) Example Of Our Top-Notch Containment

No one does mold containment like we do. Period.

When we opened the containment area to test the mold levels, we immediately smelled gas. It turns out that Kristi had a small pipe leak in her basement’s utility closet. Our containment was so tight that it trapped the gas in the contained area.

Kristi called the gas company, and they came out that day to fix the pipe. Without our barrier, she may not have known about the leak until a serious issue occurred. Not only did we fix Kristi’s mold issue—we also (unexpectedly) helped her fix her leaking pipe!

Helping Kristi Prevent Mold In The Future

Before we left, we provided Kristi with several recommendations to help keep her home healthy. This was especially important since some of her children are sensitive to mold.

At the end of the job, Kristi was elated. Not just because we solved her mold problem. Not just because we discovered the leaky pipe. But because we were also ultra-communicative every step of the way. 

Great communication might seem rare at many companies these days. But at Valor Mold Removal, it’s par for the course.

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