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A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Our Production Team’s Internal Core Values

How We Keep Our Company Running Like A Well-Oiled Machine.

Core Values - Valor Mold

At Valor Mold Removal, we have two sets of Core Values.

The first set is our customer-facing Core Values. You can read these on our About Us page, but they’re more “big-picture” concepts—far-reaching ideas that cast a wide net.

We also have a set of internal Core Values. We don’t advertise these much publicly. They’re essentially the “rules” our production staff follows to ensure top-notch service and results. In this article, we share our internal Core Values with you.

Most of these apply to our mold technicians, but some are pertinent to everyone at our company. Because at Valor, everything is a team effort.

Here are the internal Core Values that Valor Mold Removal follows…

#1: Be Thorough

Track down all the mold you can. Hunt. It. Down.

The worst possible thing in the world is a client discovering mold that thought we should have seen when doing the job. Make sure every centimeter of the job area has received your attention.

#2: Be Methodical

Our mold remediation process is purposely slower and more thorough than the “standard” methods. So be sure to slow down and make each second on the job count.

After all. . . if you don’t have time to do it right the first time, then you don’t have time to do it twice.

#3: New Ideas Are Welcome

If you have an idea or a way to make things better, bring it up to David. We’re the kind of company that is ALWAYS open to ideas from the team.

#4: Projects Will Get Complicated—But Keep It Simple

Mold remediation—especially the kind we do—isn’t always straightforward. If things get complex, take a step back and reassess. Oftentimes, the solution is staring you in the face… and it’s much simpler than you think.

#5: Make Clients Feel Safe In Their Homes

Mold isn’t always a physical health hazard—sometimes, it’s psychological. Make clients feel safe in their homes by adhering to the proper protocols andcontainment procedures at all times. 

Providing clients with peace of mind is essential!

#6: If You Don’t Know, Ask

The more you know and understand, the better off we all are—clients and fellow teammates alike.

So if you don’t know something, ASK. You won’t be judged here. The only “dumb” question is the one that doesn’t get asked.

#7: Give Clients Your Expert Opinion, But Let Them Decide

Provide clients with your professional opinions and recommendations, but remember that THEY are the ultimate decision-makers.

Never assume what a client wants—always confirm it with them first. And never, ever pressure a client into something they don’t feel comfortable doing. The first time you do that will be the last time you wear a Valor Mold uniform.

#8: If You Make A Mistake, Own Up To It

If you make a mistake or break something, own up to it quickly and apologize. There is no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed—everyone messes up from time to time.

#9: We’re In This Together

Never forget: We’re a team. Everyone has your back. Everyone is willing to help you. We all make each other better.

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