Explore Effective No-Chemical Northern VA Mold Removal

Explore Effective No-Chemical Northern VA Mold Removal

Chemicals Are Almost NEVER The Answer
To Your Northern VA Mold Problems

Here’s Why Our Meticulous Mold Removal Process
Is More Effective Than Chemical Solutions.

Mold is a serious problem for homeowners. It can cause health issues and allergic reactions for some people who are sensitive. Often, people try throwing chemicals at the problem or using low-quality mold mediation companies… which largely do the same.

The thing is, though, chemical treatments are NOT the solution to your Northern VA mold problems. It’s natural to assume chemicals would be a big part of removing something as potentially toxic as mold, but chemicals only kill LIVING mold, which is only HALF the problem.

Chemicals Are Ineffective On Porous Surfaces

Chemical cleaners can be effective on super smooth, nonporous surfaces, but on porous surfaces, they’re almost completely useless.

Porous surfaces include wood, carpet, drywall, insulation, upholstery, and more. That’s a LOT of your home, making chemicals ineffective for dealing with anything but superficial mold on smooth surfaces.

With our “No Chemicals” approach, we’re able to more effectively remove your mold without exposing your home to harsh chemical treatments.

Even Dead Mold Causes Health Problems

For people with mold allergies and other sensitivities, mold spores and particles don’t even need to be ALIVE to cause problems.

This means that chemicals alone won’t help if you have mold-related health problems. Chemicals can kill or dislodge mold particles and spores, but the remaining dead spores are still there, and if any of them are still alive, the full infestation can return…it’s just a matter of time.

It’s one of the most important things to know about mold in Northern VA.

The Best Solution Is Our Painstaking,
Precise Mold Cleaning Process

Our mold remediation procedures are methodical, by-the-books, and EFFECTIVE. While chemicals can come into play, our standard mold removal procedure doesn’t involve anything more potent than isopropyl alcohol–and that’s just for the “damp wiping” part of the process.

Before we can even get to our 3-step cleaning process for mold remediation, we need to remove any contaminated materials.

Unfortunately, porous surfaces that have been heavily infested by mold often need to be removed entirely before we begin the “HEPA Sandwich” mold cleaning process: HEPA vacuuming, damp wiping, and MORE HEPA vacuuming.

Our solutions aren’t chemical-based because chemicals AREN’T effective. We have a science-based, methodical system for keeping Northern VA homes mold-free.

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