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How Much Does Mold Testing Cost?

You Need a Mold Test But Is It Within Your Budget? How Much Does Mold Testing Cost?

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Mold is insidious and threatening to your home and health as it is difficult to spot by the naked eye. That’s why mold tests exist, to detect mold levels where mold might be hidden in your walls, in your ceiling, or under your floors. But price is a consideration for almost everyone, leaving many homeowners to wonder how much a mold test will set them back. The truth is that it typically depends based on your home, but Valor Mold can help you have a fast, accurate mold test that saves you money.

Where Is Your Mold Located?

One determining factor when it comes to the cost of mold testing can be the location of the mold. Mold is often located in cold, damp places in your home, such as the basement, inside walls, in floors or ceilings, or in your air ducts. But some spaces will be easier to test than others, and therefore will typically cost less. For instance, the labor involved in an air duct mold test is far greater than a wall mold test, and therefore likely to cost more.

How Large Is Your Home?

It might be a matter of square footage. In other cases, it might be about the amount of rooms in your home. Regardless, the size of your home is a major factor when it comes to pricing your mold test. You are paying for the labor of the mold testing crew, after all. The more rooms they have to test, the higher the price will be. Even if your mold test has an hourly rate, the fact that a larger home will take longer to test will mean that the mold test will cost more.

How Much Do Mold Tests Cost?

Most mold tests begin with a flat base fee that increases depending on the time it takes to test the entire home, the location of the mold, and the size of the home itself. This can be a point of frustration for smaller homes, as the base fee is typically several hundred dollars. HomeAdvisor rates the national average for a mold test to be $650, but it can cost upwards of $1,000. High-end mold tests can be even upwards of $2,000.

However, this is one point at which Valor Mold diverges from the competition. Valor Mold offers a flat rate mold test of $650 to test a home of 15 rooms for mold. If your home has more than 15 rooms, we charge $15 per room after that. This test takes about 60 minutes, and we use machines that allow us to get the test results instantly so we can let you know if your home is safe or if you need to take action. It’s fast, with 96% accuracy, and surprisingly affordable — a mold test offer that can’t be passed up.

When Should You Schedule a Mold Test?

Don’t wait until you see mold to schedule a mold test. By the time mold shows itself, it’s likely your mold has reached urgently dangerous levels. Instead, understand that mold grows in damp, dark areas and schedule a mold test when you think that the conditions might have been created for mold. If your basement flooded, for instance, you may need to schedule a mold test. If you just discovered a roof leak or you’ve begun to notice signs of water damage in your ceiling, a mold test should be part of the cleanup there.

Stay alert for non-visual symptoms of mold, as well. A musky smell, headaches and fatigue that disappear when you leave the house, nosebleeds, or respiratory issues could all be signs that you have mold in your home.

Valor Mold has been performing mold tests for 15 years, serving over 300 happy customers since our 2006 opening. We offer quick, affordable, and accurate mold tests followed by an action plan for effective mold remediation. Interested in our service?

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