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What To Know About Vetting A Northern VA Mold Remediation Company

All Mold Remediators Are NOT Created Equal.
Here’s How To Choose A High-Quality One.

What To Know About Mold Remediation


Independent mold testers always say they’d pick Valor Mold if they had mold in their own homes. Why? Because we’re one of the few Northern VA mold removal companies that does EVERYTHING the right way. 

The truth is, many companies in this industry take advantage of the fact that mold remediation is relatively new and exploit your lack of knowledge about it.

I mean, answer this honestly: Do you actually know what mold remediation involves?

You probably know that a mold remediator removes mold, and that’s about it. You probably don’t know how he removes it, how long it will take him, or the materials he uses, right? 


It’s time to pull back the curtain on the mold remediation industry.

I’ve heard some horror stories about certain mold remediators. Stuff that would just flat-out scare and anger you. And I’m going to share them with you RIGHT NOW. 

Here’s what you need to know:

#1: Some Remediators Exaggerate Your Mold Problem

A lot of remediators take advantage of their customers’ lack of knowledge about mold remediation. They claim there is mold where there is none. They sell extra services that aren’t needed. They quote their prices twice as high as they should be, and their innocent customers (more like victims) don’t know the difference.

So how do you know if a mold remediator is price gouging?

  • Is he applying a “special” paint to protect against mold growing back? Most remediators try to sell this, but it is a complete scam. 
  • Does he want to fog or spray chemicals to “kill” mold? Totally ineffective (or totally shows he doesn’t know what chemicals are for – or – shows he hasn’t read the chemical’s label).
  • Is he packing up all your stuff so he can clean it at his warehouse? Unnecessary and makes the price skyrocket. 
  • Does he want to use ozone? Ozone is such a hoax that even the EPA had to speak against using it for mold. 
  • Is he charging you for a new HEPA filter in his machines? HEPA filters get replaced once a year – not every job. 
  • Is he telling you his air scrubber has to run for three days? Only 4 hours are necessary – the rest of the rental fees he is charging you is pure profit. 

Take a look at his references and reviews. Make a special note if any of these reviews talk about how straightforward and honest a remediator is.

The problem with comparing quotes from multiple remediators is that the lower bids are using laborers that have had no formal training, utilizing substandard materials, and cutting corners on the job. That’s why TRUST is the number one factor in hiring a remediator.

What Makes Us Different

We’d rather guide you toward the best, most cost-effective solution than making a quick buck. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s absolutely 100% true.

We give true “this is what I would do if this were my house” advice, and we’ve been known to PASS UP jobs when we didn’t think mold removal was necessary. Sure, we could have performed full remediation of the area, collected the check, and been on our way. But we’d rather help you SAVE money than line our own pockets.

#2: Chemicals Are Almost Never Needed

Most mold remediators will tell you that you need to treat the problem area with antimicrobial chemicals, special mold paint, and a host of other chemicals during remediation.

While chemicals are occasionally needed, they’re typically A) an upsell tactic to get you to spend more money, B) a coverup for sloppy work, or C) used simply because the company doesn’t know any better. 

The fact is, mold DOES NOT need to be treated with chemicals. People have the same allergic reaction to a dead mold spore as they do to a living mold spore, so “killing” mold achieves nothing. Besides, mold is very hard to kill. Chemicals do a great job at killing bacteria and viruses, but they do a terrible job at killing mold. 

So how do you know if the mold remediator is telling the truth or just blowing smoke?

Honestly, you really can’t know for sure once the work is done. Your best option is to vet the remediator BEFORE they start work on your home. Make sure the remediation company has plenty of references, certifications, and positive reviews.

What Makes Us Different

We use chemicals on less than 2% of our projects, yet 96% of our projects pass independent mold tests on the first try. Through years of doing mold, I’ve found we can cut out chemicals entirely if we do very detailed, high-quality work. Chemicals and special mold paint are still tools in our toolbox, but now we just use them to lighten mold stains, buy our clients time, or kill bacteria and viruses that grow in water.

Look, you have to take a mold remediator at his word on some things. Chemical treatment is one of them. This really boils down to the trust factor and your relationship with your remediator.

We’re known for our honesty. In fact, some folks are baffled that we’ll give up thousands of dollars worth of work to give them the best solution. The fact is, if you don’t need our services, we’ll tell you. That’s because we try to balance cost and safety. With us, you NEVER pay for ANYTHING you don’t need.

#3: Some Mold Remediators Use Cheap, Imitation Materials

I know a guy in the mold remediation business in northern Virginia that passes off regular primer as mold encapsulant. If you aren’t familiar with the difference, it’s pretty simple. Mold encapsulant delays mold growth; primer does not.

So why did this particular remediator use primer instead of encapsulant?

Because mold encapsulant is about $75 per gallon, and primer is $5 per gallon. Once they’re painted on a surface, I can’t tell the difference, so I guarantee his customers can’t either!

What Makes Us Different

I use only the best materials in the industry. In fact, I had to cut ties with my old partner and longtime friend because he wanted to cut corners and use substandard materials.

I’m willing to sever life-long friendships to give my customers the best possible service. As you can probably tell by now, I don’t make many friends in this industry because I’d rather do things the right, honest way than the cheap, easy way.

#4: Some Mold Remediators Don’t Think The Problem Through

This one relates to problem #3.

Most remediators are more interested in lining their own pockets than providing you with the best solution to your mold problem. They have a “cookie-cutter” approach to every situation.

As a result, you may spend thousands of dollars you didn’t have to on mold remediation services, chemical treatments, and home repair costs.

Remember this: The most apparent approach isn’t always the right one—or the cheapest. Keep reading to find out why.

What Makes Us Different

Unlike other remediators, I take time to analyze your mold problem to provide you with the best, most cost-effective solution.

For example, we recently saved one of our customers $4,900 by simply thinking through her problem. 

Here’s how.

We had a client with a severe mold problem underneath her siding that was discovered while moving in. She had three remediators tell her the siding had to be removed and the rotted wood sheathing underneath replaced before they could remediate inside her house. 

We examined the problem and provided her with an alternative solution: We’ll thoroughly clean the rotted sheathing from the inside and paint it with a mold encapsulant to buy her several months of time. 

Lo and behold, our solution ended up passing an independent mold inspection—and saved her $4,900! She still had to replace the sheathing, but our solution allowed her to move in as planned (saving $3,000 for a month-long hotel stay) and wait until fall to get a good deal from the siding company we recommended to her (saving $1,900). 

Now, our approach wasn’t exactly rocket science. We simply used our heads and came up with a practical, cost-effective solution for our customer—the way we always do.

#5: Some Companies Are Scam Artists Posing As Mold Remediators

As with any other industry, mold remediation has certified experts… and those posing as certified experts.

Always—always—ask to see a mold remediator’s credentials and references. Make sure the references date back at least a year and the credentials he shows you are up to date. I looked at 43 remediators in the DC metro area, and 95% claimed to be licensed and certified. When I checked state licensing boards and mold certification organizations, only 52% were licensed, and only 22% had anyone in the company that was certified for mold (much less the guy working in your house).

Unscrupulous shysters pass themselves off as mold remediators all the time, even though they have ZERO credentials and ZERO references.

What Makes Us Different

My team and I are all certified mold experts. We are properly trained and have all the necessary licensing and certifications. We do everything the right way—it’s just that simple.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a trustworthy mold remediator in Central VA, Northern VA, or Washington DC, you’ve come to the right place. Reach out to us today!


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