In Virginia, It’s Easier To Become AMold Technician Than A Hairdresser

In Virginia, It’s Easier To Become A
Mold Technician Than A Hairdresser

Which Is Why We Set Our
Own High Standards

If you live in Virginia and want to become a hairdresser, you’ll need to go through 1500 hours of training before you can test for a license.

That’s 37.5 solid weeks of eight-hour classes per weekday.

To cut hair.

Not exactly a profession that will impact a customer’s health one way or the other.

But, to become a mold remediator in Virginia, there is one thing that you absolutely have to do no matter how much or little you know about the remediation process.

You have to call yourself a mold remediator.

That’s it. All you have to do is make the claim, and (POOF!) you’re in the mold business.

Now, to us, that’s a tad backward.

The Realities Of Mold
Remediation Training

There is a wealth of knowledge about household mold available today, with more and more classes and certifications becoming available every year. And now, household mold is a recognized medical concern that has even created new specialties within the medical field.

Mold has become a subject of serious scientific study with new information being announced often and white papers getting published frequently about new findings and deeper understandings of how mold works and how to remove it from homes.

To a true professional in the field, mold remediation requires constant training and education as new procedures are developed.

Unfortunately, though most classes are national in scope, fewer than a dozen mold professionals (out of thousands) are usually seen attending these classes.

Why is the turnout so low?

Because classes cost money and the industry has little to no regulation at any level, be it local, state, or federal. There is rarely any demand for proof that mold remediation technicians know what they are doing before offering their services to unsuspecting homeowners.

The result of this near-zero oversight of the industry is that there are way more mold remediation companies operating off what they found on Google than those that take the time to really learn their trade.

The Mold Remediation “Bible”

The S520 is the source for proper mold remediation procedures and is the number one source for all household mold answers. It is the single most important publication in the industry and yet, is often ignored in favor of something a tech saw on some site online written by some guy.

In other situations, it is ignored purposefully by companies that know better because the methods recommended in the S520 take too long or cost too much. The companies that are most likely to ignore the S520 are the nationally recognized names that, ironically, do more mold cleanup than all the rest of us combined.

These companies can get away with ignoring proper protocol because they’d rather pay an army of lawyers to frighten homeowners into settling their claims for pennies on the dollar than spend the time to do the job the right way in the first place.

Trust us, we’ve seen it firsthand. One client had a national company “dead to rights” with videos and emails and had a slam dunk case. The lawyers drug the case out for years, and they eventually gave up and accepted a settlement that was half of the actual damages.

Of course, this problem gets spread by former employees of these companies who branch off into their own business and continue the poor practices of their former employers.

Mold Remediation Done
The Right Way

At Valor Mold Removal, we constantly seek out more knowledge and new procedures in the war against household mold. We collect certifications like kids collect video games. More is always better, and we eagerly await the next installment.

Plus, we reference the S520 every single day and never deviate from its recommendations. Abiding by the S520 and our attendance of every available mold remediation course does cost us more money, but it also makes us the best mold remediation company you’ll ever hope to find in Virginia or, possibly, anywhere.

Our technicians are superbly trained and positively unrelenting in their pursuit of providing the safest and most thorough mold remediation process possible.

Our thorough understanding of the subject has given us a deep respect for the danger that mold poses to the families we help. We also know that poorly done mold remediation can be more dangerous than no mold remediation at all, and we refuse to do anything that might increase the danger to our customer’s families.

If you are worried about mold in your Virginia home and want the help of technicians who’ve put in more time than a hairdresser to learn their trade, contact us at Valor Mold Removal for a free estimate.