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Our Mold Techs Are Stubborn… In A Good Way

They Hold Themselves (And Me, The Owner!)
To The Highest Possible Standard.


I had a mutiny on my hands.

My mold techs got together and had a meeting amongst themselves. They weren’t happy with one of the services we were offering… and they decided they were no longer going to do it the way I told them to.


Not because it was too difficult, time-consuming, or labor-intensive.


My techs no longer wanted to perform this service to my standard because my standard wasn’t good enough.

And one Monday morning, they all came into my office and told me so.

Why My Mold Techs Rebelled…

If you’ve spent even 10 seconds on this website, you know that we’re a company that prides ourselves on our unique No-Chemical Mold Remediation. But until 2018—the year my mold techs mutinied—we did occasionally use chemicals to “remove” mold in attics.

Allow me to explain why.

At the time, we offered three solutions for attic mold remediation: soda blasting, HEPA sanding, or a chemical treatment. 

HEPA sanding was by far our preferred method for these kinds of jobs. But I offered a chemical option because, while it wasn’t as effective, it was the cheapest possible solution for the homeowner. And since the chemicals would be relegated only to jobs in the attic, they wouldn’t have negative health effects on clients.

Basically, chemical treatment was our “economy class” version for removing mold from attics. Chemical treatment doesn’t actually get rid of mold—it simply bleaches the color out of it to make it look better. So while we didn’t remove mold, people were still happy because the treatment made the mold “disappear.” 

It wasn’t proper remediation, but it was cheap so it put us “in the running” for landlords, property managers, sellers, and so on.

“Shortcut” Isn’t In My Mold Techs’ Vocabulary.

My mold technicians went with the whole chemical thing… until they didn’t. 

They were never keen on the practice because they knew it wasn’t proper remediation. They wondered why they had to take shortcuts on attic projects when they were doing things the right way on every other type of project. So after a while, my techs decided they’d had enough of doing it all together. 

That’s when they “mutinied.” 

They came into my office on a Monday morning. They told me they didn’t want to do chemical treatments any more. To quote one of my techs during the meeting: “David, the chemical option just isn’t right. That’s not what we’re about at Valor.”

Message heard loud and clear.

When My Mold Techs Talk, I Zip It & Listen.

I hire my mold techs based on personality and attitude. I look for individuals who have upstanding moral character, a positive attitude, and a willingness to always do what’s right. 

That’s why when my techs come to me with a concern or constructive criticism, I know it’s well-founded. So I shut up and listen. Because the odds are that they are 100% correct.

This instance was no exception. 

When they told me why they no longer wanted to use chemicals in clients’ attics, it put the biggest smile on my face. I knew they were right, and I was tremendously proud of them for standing up for their beliefs.

I immediately halted offering a chemical option for cleaning mold from attics. And I never looked back.

Our Techs Are Stubborn Because They Want To Do Right By You.

My techs are stubborn. Strong-willed. And occasionally defiant.

I wouldn’t haven’t it any other way.

That’s because their stubbornness stems from their insistence on doing right by you. And how could any mold company get mad at their techs for treating clients right? 

I know I can’t… not even when they form the occasional mutiny against me.

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