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7 Reasons To Get A Mold Inspection
In Northern VA Today

Getting Ahead Of Mold In Your Home
Is Always A Good Idea

7 Reasons To Get A Mold Inspection In Northern VA Today

Having your home inspected for mold in the Washington D.C and Northern VA areas should be, in some cases, a top priority. Mold growths can occur quickly, seemingly out of nowhere, and can easily spread to other areas of the home due to their unfortunate airborne spores.

This can make it quite tricky to identify whether you have mold growing in your home along with exactly where the mold has spread. Mold poses serious health risks for individuals of all ages and should be taken very seriously to avoid developing symptoms related to mold spores. 

The best way to find out once and for all if your home has a mold problem is by scheduling a mold inspection with your local mold experts. 

Are you worried about mold in your home? Let’s talk about the top 7 reasons you should get a mold inspection today!

1. You Have Started Noticing A Musky Smell

Mold tends to have a strong, distinguishable odor. Oftentimes, you will be able to smell the presence of mold before growths start to show themselves. These aromas will tend to linger in places that have poor ventilation and airflow, such as basements, attics, and crawlspaces. 

If you have cleaned your house top to bottom and still smell something musty, it’s time to have your home inspected for mold. 

2. You Can Visibly See Mold Growing

If you can already see mold growing in one or more areas of your house, typically a mold test does not need to be done. Mold growths are a telltale sign that there is an unusual amount of moisture entering the home. 

A full home mold inspection will outline which rooms are affected by mold, along with a detailed explanation of the quality of your air. In some cases, a landlord may require to have your home tested for mold before agreeing to pay for remediation, despite visibly seeing mold growths.  

3. Your Home Has Succumbed To Water Damage

Water damage due to a leaky or broken pipe, faulty roof, cracked foundation, or poor insulation can quickly lead to mold growths. After all, mold absolutely loves moist environments. Even after your home has been completely repaired back to tip-top shape, mold can still be present. 

Having your home inspected for mold after water damage remediation will ensure your moisture problems are in the past. But still, in the event of a worst-case scenario, the mold nerds are on the case! 

4. You Are About To Sell Or Rent Your Home

Landlords in the state of Virginia are required by law to disclose to potential renters if there is mold present in the home. Having a mold test done on your home if you are looking to rent or sell will ease everyone’s minds while eliminating the possibility of you being liable for mediation costs. 

Plus, it’s a great selling point to proudly state that your home is guaranteed to be mold-free, and it may even add value in the eyes of the buyer. 

5. You Are Getting Sick Frequently

If you have started developing sinus-related issues, frequent headaches, skin irritations, or itchy eyes, your home may be infested with harmful airborne mold spores. Mold can affect everyone differently, although there are clear signs to look out for. Individuals with chronic respiratory illnesses or allergies are even more prone to suffering from mold-related symptoms. 

If you are prone to getting sick frequently, having your home regularly tested for mold will rule out one cause of the illness while ensuring your home is a safe and clean environment.

6. You’ve Dealt With A Mold Problem In The Past

If an area less than 10 square feet in your home has started to show signs of mold growth, you can typically remove and remediate the mold yourself with tried-and-true methods. The bigger issue is if the affected area is much larger than you think. 

If you have removed mold growths in your home, it’s always good to have a professional come in to ensure there are no harmful mold spores left in your home. While we do not personally offer mold testing on remediation done by other professionals in the industry, we can recommend individually licensed mold testers that will. 

7. You Are About To Have A Baby Or Already Have One

Having a baby is an exciting and stressful experience for novice and experienced parents alike. The last thing you want to worry about during this joyous period of time is mold in the home. Babies are highly susceptible to all illnesses associated with mold, and their health must be taken extremely seriously. 

Having a mold inspection done on your home will put you and your family’s minds at ease, so you can focus on what truly matters. Our mold tests will provide instant test results that are 99% accurate, leaving little chance for our certified technicians to make a mistake before your big day. 

Ready To Solve Your Mold Problem Once And For All?
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The first step towards mold remediation is, of course, a mold inspection. Without it, we wouldn’t know the best course of action that suits your home! At Valor Mold, we operate under the proverb that “cleanliness is next to godliness, so we make sure to never leave a stone unturned during our mold remediation process. 

From start to finish, we have your best interests in mind while providing open-book honesty every step of the way. We will test every single room and area of the home for an affordable flat-rate fee that you can’t find anywhere else!

Ready to schedule your mold inspection today? Give the mold nerds a call! We can be reached at our Springfield office Monday-Friday at (703)-897-7121, or contact us today!

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