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Instant, Accurate Mold Testing For Alexandria Homeowners

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Mold technician using the InstaScope system to test for mold spores in a Virginia home

While Alexandria may have an active local culture, homeowners will still spend most of their time at home.

That makes keeping the air in the home as healthy as possible a high priority for all Alexandria families. And few things can reduce the quality of your air as quickly as household mold.

If you even think there might be a mold colony in your home, you need to get it tested. Most mold testers use small cassettes to capture air samples that won’t come back with results for weeks.

But with Valor Mold Removal, you get highly-accurate results instantly and will know just where you stand long before we leave your home.

Looking For Mold Testing That Is Fast And Accurate?

Many mold remediation companies in Alexandria also offer mold testing, but the normal process isn’t just slow – it’s inaccurate.

When an air cassette is sent out for testing, the results can be different depending on several factors, such as:

  • The skills of the mold tech that collected the sample
  • Which lab it was sent to
  • The opinions of the technician reading the sample on what is or isn’t a mold spore
  • Whether your cassette is one of the first or last in the pile

You see, air cassettes aren’t put into a massive machine that can count mold spores for us, as you have probably imagined. Instead, each cassette is looked at under a microscope and a lab tech, using a specific set of rules, visually counts what they feel are mold spores.

That leaves the results open to all kinds of inconsistencies because not all techs agree on what mold spores look like (they can easily be mistaken for pollen), and eye strain is inevitable when you’re looking through a microscope all day every day.

That’s why we invested in a machine that can give accurate, easy-to-understand results right in your home.

Introducing The InstaScope Mold Tester

WIth the InstaScope, all uncertainty is removed. Not only can this system tell you the mold count in each room of your home, but it can also tell you what type of mold has invaded your space.

We can usually test a room and get results in as little as ten minutes. And the results are always over 99% accurate.

The results come to you as a simple red/green/yellow graphic so you can easily understand which rooms need help and which are at normal levels.

Our InstaScope is one of only 70 units in the world and is based on the technology the United Kingdom used to check airports and train stations to warn officials if someone released toxins like anthrax into the air.

The InstaScope is essentially a highly sensitive mobile laboratory designed to hunt down mold in your home.

And the speed of the testing process allows us to test an entire home for less than other companies charge for testing a single floor.

At Valor Mold Removal, We Believe Hard Work Is Better Than Hard Chemicals

Many Alexandria mold remediation companies prefer to cover up and kill mold with paints and harsh chemicals, but we know there’s a better way. 

Chemical Free Remediation

Harsh chemicals do more harm than good when remediating a home. We’ve taken the time to find alternatives that are not only safer but more effective.

Learn about our earth-friendly remediation techniques here…

Honest To A Fault

We will never advise services or equipment you don’t need. And we refuse to perform half measures that will just let mold back into the house after we leave.

Learn more about our penchant for honesty here…

Obsessed With Mold

Our owner, David Myrick, is one of only 65 people on the planet who hold the coveted RIA-CMP certification, and he still won’t stop learning about mold. 

Learn more about our mold removal obsession here…

Industry’s Best Techs

While most mold technicians operate off the owner’s certifications, our techs each hold supervisor-level certifications that are more thorough than what those other companies’ owners currently hold.

Learn more about our amazing mold technicians here…

Clean Freaks

We are beyond fastidious when we’re working because we know how difficult it is to clean away invisible mold spores. We rely on experience and testing rather than our lying eyes to decide when to stop cleaning.

Learn more about cleaning mold away here…

See Our Work

 We’re proud of our high standards, especially when it comes to safely containing our workspace away from the rest of your home.

See our technicians in action here…

Five-Star Reviews

Nobody tells the truth about you like past clients, and they all seem to love our work.

See their honest reviews here…

Don’t Let Mold Take Over Your Home

We Offer The Following Services To Alexandria Homeowners

Nearly 100% accuracy and no waiting. Our portable lab makes mold testing quick and easy.

Learn more about the InstaScope here…

Full containment, negative pressure, and no harsh chemicals. If your remediator can’t say the same, it’s time to give us a call.

Learn more about our remediation process here…

Soda Blasting

Less harmful than chemicals, soda blasting gets mold out of hard-to-reach places without making your IAQ worse than when we started.

Learn more about how soda blasting works here…

Air-Quality Cleaning

Studies have shown that the highest concentrations of pollutants are always found in our homes. From outgassing furniture to cleaning chemicals and insect debris, there’s more than you could ever imagine in your indoor air.

Learn how to improve your indoor air quality here…

Crawl Space Encapsulation

The old methods of venting and airflow were hit-and-miss, but encapsulation gives you a dry crawl space for good every single time.

Read about the benefits of encapsulation here…

Humidity & Moisture Control

Your home has an ideal humidity level to encourage the optimum lifespan of its structures and the quality of your indoor air. When moisture isn’t controlled, it can affect your family’s health.

Learn more on how to control your home’s moisture levels here…

Don’t Wait For Mold To Go Away – It Won’t

If you are concerned that your Alexandria home has a mold problem and want accurate testing results now, contact Valor Mold Removal for a free estimate.

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96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

Instant Mold Testing

You get the answers you need—our special mold testing provides 99% accurate results on the spot.

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300+ Happy Clients

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