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A Mold Inspection You Can Trust In Arlington, VA From Valor Mold

When it comes to mold — like so many other contaminants — the earlier you catch the problem, the better. If left unchecked, mold can be damaging to your health, the structure of your home, and your home value. No one wants to wait until they see undeniable proof of mold in their home; by then, it’s already spread too far. A mold inspection, alongside mold testing and before mold remediation, can help keep your home healthy after a flood, a roof leak, or other issues that could potentially lead to mold. Valor Mold can help with an expert mold inspection.

The Difference Between Mold Inspection and Mold Testing

Mold inspection and mold testing are both important processes when it comes to resolving a potential mold issue in your home, but they offer answers to different questions. It’s important to know what you’re getting when you schedule a mold inspection. Typically, the mold inspection comes before the mold test. A mold test identifies the amount of mold concentration in the air and often the specific type of mold in the home. A mold inspection is used to identify the presence of mold and how much damage there is to the home, often in square feet.

What To Expect From a Formal Mold Inspection With Valor Mold

The mold inspector will show up at the property suspected to have mold and ask a series of questions to get a sense of the environment. These questions will include:

  • When was the property first built, and how long have you owned the property?
  • Do you have any leaks, whether roof leaks, basement leaks, or leaky appliances?
  • Does the property have a sump pump, does the bathroom have an exhaust fan, and what vents exist?
  • Have there been any recent floods or sewer backups?
  • Have there been any recent major interior or exterior upgrades?
  • Have you experienced any negative health symptoms that feel relieved elsewhere?


From there, they will inspect the property for any signs of mold, including musty smells or stains that resemble mold smells. Once the mold inspection is thoroughly finished throughout the home, a mold test will be done to get a sense of the level of mold in the air and how far it varies from normal, expected levels. 

Why Should You Choose Valor Mold For Your Arlington Mold Inspections?

We’ve been In business since 2006 and serving over 300 happy customers; we know how to handle mold. From the mold inspection through the end of the mold remediation, we provide expert, meticulous service that you can count on. We’re well known throughout the Arlington, VA area. Here are a few reasons to work when dealt with mold-related issues. 

No Chemicals

We won’t remove mold at the risk of other contaminants getting into your air. We never use chemicals to kill mold in our mold remediation. Only in 2% of cases will we use chemicals after the remediation to remove a mold stain or protect your home from future mold issues.

Open Book

We promise total honesty and transparency with our customers, no fine print and no catches or high-pressure sales tactics.

Mold Nerds

We know mold inside and out, and we’re constantly looking towards future advances and technologies when it comes to mold removal and mold testing. We’re so knowledgeable that throughout the country, others will turn to us for education about mold.

Clean and Professional

We’re meticulous about cleaning. We’ll clean up the air and clean the air before we’re finished. We’ll also help to repair the area or put you in touch with one of our home improvement partners if we can’t help.

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are up to date on all of their certifications, but it goes beyond that. We hire highly trained and qualified mold technicians who will treat your mold issue with care and professionalism.

Other Services Offered By Valor Mold in Arlington, VA

Whatever help you need to get your mold back to normal and expected levels, Valor Mold can help. Check out our full list of services:

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Contact Valor Mold today to set up a mold inspection and get started on the process of mold remediation. Do you live outside of Arlington? No worries! Check out our list of service areas to see if you’re within range. 

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96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

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