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Mold Remediation Done Right In Arlington, VA From Valor Mold.

For many homeowners, finding mold in their walls is their personal nightmare. This is especially true when you consider that mold tends to hide, so by the time homeowners see mold, it’s already gone too far. Mold can be harmful to the physical and emotional health of everyone who lives in the house, and it can drastically harm the structure or the value of your home. Finding mold in your home can be scary, but in Arlington, VA, you have a mold professional who can help — Valor Mold, with our professional mold remediation services.

Why It Matters To Find the RIGHT Mold Remediation Company

Mold remediation is the process of returning mold levels to a normal, natural place, protecting your home and those who live in your home. But if your mold remediation professionals cut corners, skip steps, or aren’t careful with your home, it could actually make things worse. Mold remediation, when not done properly, has the risk of kicking up mold spores, which can cause them to spread rather than to be contained. Most mold remediation professionals also use chemicals to get rid of the mold, which can also be harmful to your indoor air quality. This is too often what you have to expect from cheap mold remediation professionals…or those who promise to finish the project in the fastest time frame.

Valor Mold Is Not the Cheapest or the Fastest Mold Remediation Company, But in Arlington, We’re the Best

You won’t find the cheapest or fastest service here because we don’t cut corners. We commit to meticulous work every time to do your mold remediation the right way…without using chemicals. It’s because of our trusted process that we have a 96% success rate — far higher than the industry standard of 65%. 

We make sure to contain the mold to a specific area before we start any mold remediation, so spores don’t kick up and spread throughout the rest of the home. 

Our air filtration device works as both a negative air machine to create negative air pressure while getting rid of the mold and an air scrubber for the cleaning process to remove any traces of harmful contaminants from the air.

Any parts of the wall tainted by mold must go. The same applies to any carpet or insulation. If it’s possible to save the surface, well sand, wire brush, or blast it to clear away any mold. The type of mold removal used will depend on the situation, but we’ll find the safest, most cost-effective, and practical solution for your home.

How do we accomplish cleaning the area without chemicals? We use a HEPA vacuum to clean the walls and floor thoroughly. We’ll wipe down ducts, door and window frames, baseboards, and pipes with a damp cloth. In some cases, we’ll also wipe down the ceiling, walls, and floor. We make sure everything meets Cleanroom standards, the same standards NASA uses to determine whether it’s safe to build a satellite.

Once everything is cleaned, we’ll repair anything that needs to be repaired or put you in touch with one of our trusted home-improvement partners. We want to make sure the room is back to normal before we call the job done.

On rare occasions — as in about 2% of cases — we will use certain chemicals after  remediation. These are not used to kill mold but occasionally to remove mold stains or protect wood from taking in mold.

Why Work With Valor Mold in Arlington, VA?

We’ve been helping homeowners with their mold-related issues since 2006, serving over 300 happy clients. The difference between Valor Mold and other mold remediation companies is that we care deeply. We care about our customers, and we care about getting the job done right the first time. Here are a few reasons to work with Valor Mold.

No Chemicals

You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals messing up your indoor air quality. We never use chemicals to kill mold or in mold remediation, and only in 2% of cases do we use a light amount of chemicals to remove mold stains after mold remediation.

Open Book

We’re always honest, every time. We’ll communicate exactly what we can do for you, what it will cost, and why it’s worth it. We’ll never try to push you with high-pressure sales tactics.

Obsessed With Mold

As strange as it sounds, we’re absolute nerds about mold. We’re eager to learn everything we can about it and to share what we know. It makes us experts when it comes to mold remediation and other services to do with mold removal.

Clean Freaks

It’s not enough to get rid of the mold. We also clean the space and help to reconstruct it before we call the job done because we know how important it is for your home to be clean.

Certified Technicians

You’ll have only the best coming to work on your mold remediation when you work with Valor Mold. All of our technicians are certified “to the teeth,” as well as incredibly talented and professional.

Other Services Offered By Valor Mold in Arlington, VA

Resolving your mold issue is about more than mold remediation, and Valor Mold has you covered through the whole process. Here are some of the other services we offer:


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96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

Your home is in the best hands—our chemical-free remediation has the highest success rate in the industry.

Instant Mold Testing

Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

300+ Happy Clients

You can trust our process—we’ve performed over 300 successful projects since we opened in 2006.

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