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Air Quality Cleaning In Arlington, VA:
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Do you need cleaner air quality in Arlington, VA?
Are you looking for a way to remove harmful chemicals and pollutants from the air inside of your home?
You can’t do this with routine cleaning such as vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. Even deep cleaning won’t get rid of the dangerous toxins that could be floating in the very air you breathe.
At Valor Mold, we are proud to bring indoor air quality duct cleaning services to the Arlington, VA area as well as Northern VA, Southern MD, and Washington, DC.
Read on to learn about our air quality experts’ indoor air quality cleaning and how it can help you and your family breathe easier.

Cleaner Air From Our Air Quality Cleaning Service

Mother and daughter enjoying clean air in their Arlington, VA home thanks to Valor Mold Air Quality Cleaning

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Indoor Air Quality Cleaning

Pollutants such as dust mites, mold, pollen, lead, fire retardants, pesticides, carcinogenic carbons, and phthalates are all commonly found in household HVAC duct systems, vents, and other parts of the home – even in the air.
For your family, this means continuously breathing these toxins, which can cause allergies, respiratory issues, sinus problems, and even fibromyalgia. Mold alone can cause physical illnesses that could potentially leave its victim deathly sick. Luckily, our team is PhD-educated in all things mold and trained to improve your air quality.

Duct Cleaning

The pollutants mentioned above are all found inside the ducts of almost all HVAC systems. The air inside of those ducts is recirculated throughout your home several times each day, causing a buildup of harmful pollutants and unclean air. That’s where we come in. We clean duct systems to remove these pollutants

Vent Cleaning

The same toxins and pollutants that are a danger in your HVAC ducts are also prevalent in the vents. Attempts by nonprofessionals to remove them could cause contaminants such as mold spores to spread throughout your home. Valor Mold professionals are specially trained in safely removing these dangers.

Air Cleaning

There are a few steps to successfully cleaning the air inside of your home. Hyper-intensive HEPA vacuuming is the first. Air scrubbing is next, and finally, moving the air in the correct direction. All of these work together to purify your air without using chemicals or spreading toxins.
At Valor Mold, we use special techniques and equipment that aren’t available to regular cleaning services to rid your home of these dangers.

Learn More About Our Indoor Air Quality Cleaning Methods

A Valor Mold air quality cleaning technician stands on a ladder cleaning an indoor air conditioner unit as the customer chats with him in Arlington, VA

Why Choose Valor Mold IAQ
Cleaning In Arlington, VA?

Why We Should Be Your Go-To
For Air Quality Cleaning

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#1: Chemical Free Cleaning and Remediation

At Valor Mold, we use old-fashioned elbow grease, high-tech equipment, and non-chemical cleaning methods to remove mold and other pollutants from your home. Chemical cleaners are not efficient, nor are they needed, and could even add more dangerous toxins into your air.

Learn More About Our Chemical-Free Process

#2: We Don’t Sugar-Coat OR Exaggerate

The team of professionals at Valor Mold will never sugar-coat the situation to make you feel better, nor will we exaggerate to take advantage of our customers. Instead, we have an open-book honesty policy of telling you exactly what issues exist in your home and what it will take to fix them safely.

We Give It To You Straight

#3: We Are Obsessed With Cleaner Air Quality

It’s okay. We admit it. We are a bit obsessed when it comes to mold and other toxins that could harm your family. While this may seem crazy, what it means is that we will stop at nothing to rid your home of the pollutants that could make your family sick. We work relentlessly to stay up to date on cleaning and remediation techniques.

We Are Mold’s Worst Enemy

#4: We Have THE BEST Team Of Professionals

Every single one of our mold remediation professionals is Ph.D. educated and has learned all they can about removing mold and other pollutants from your family’s space. We have a “Diamond In The Rough” hiring method that ensures we bring only the best and brightest into your home.

Our Technicians Are The Best

Take A Look At What Our Arlington, VA
Customers Have To Say

Word Of Mouth Advertising
For Valor Mold

“Valor Mold is a really good contractor to use, especially if you are dealing with a tough situation. Their pricing structure is very clear upfront – they go through great pains to make sure you understand exactly what you can expect out of them and what you will be paying for their services. The techs were professional at every turn and respectful of our house and belongings. They took care of our problems. I highly recommend Valor Mold.” -Rick Z.

“David was great! He came and explained everything that his team was going to do to remediate our wall of mold in the basement. Once the job was finished, our numbers were minuscule (that is good in the mold business). His team came in, cleaned out the mold, and CLEANED EVERYTHING afterward! I’d give them five stars just for that. I’d recommend Valor Mold to all of my family and friends.”
-Kristen B.

“It was very good. They were excellent. They were trustworthy. They were very open. They were transparent. They were professional. They were courteous. They were knowledgeable.”
-Daniel S.

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Questions Arlington, VA Homeowners Ask
About Air Quality Cleaning Services

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Q: What Do Your Estimates And Consultations Cost?

A:If you are a homeowner in need of mold remediation or air quality cleaning services for the property that you currently live in, we offer a free consultation. For renters, property managers, prospective buyers, and landlords, we charge a $150 fee.

Q: How Much Time Does Air Quality Cleaning
Take And How Much Do Your Services Cost?

A: The amount of time that we will need to spend on air quality cleaning in your home and how much our services will cost you depends on what we find during your initial inspection and the results of your mold testing. We can’t give an estimate for the time or cost of our services without seeing the extent of the problem and the size of the home.

Q: What Areas Do You Serve In The Arlington Area?

A:We provide air quality cleaning and mold remediation services in Arlington, VA, Northern VA, Southern MD, and the Washington, DC areas

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About Valor Mold?

A: Here are other pages of our website where you can learn more about our company: