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Humidity And Moisture Control For Your
Centreville, VA Basement At The
Lowest Cost Possible

Kick Mold Out Of Your Basement

Do you think you have mold in the basement of your Centreville, VA home? Don’t wait – call the experts who can tell you on the spot if it’s mold. At Valor Mold, we’ve eliminated the need to wait for potentially inaccurate and expensive tests.
Once we identify the solution to your problem, we’ll get your basement below 60% RH and remove your humidity at its source. The first step is to find the root cause of the humidity problem – many times, we can remove this cause and fix the problem.
If this fails, we move on to step two, where we outfit your home with a stand-alone dehumidifier. Our Santa Fe Dehumidifiers will remove the humidity and moisture from your basement before it can wreak havoc in the rest of your home.

Mold Removal The Safe Way – No Chemicals

Did you know that in most cases, mold removal doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals? Our skilled experts can do it in four straightforward steps:
  • Contain the affected area, placing it under negative air pressure
  • Remove mold objects and materials that cannot be saved
  • Strip the mold from the objects and materials that can be saved
  • Clean up the mold spores
As you can see, there’s no magic chemical in those guidelines. Just hard work, a little elbow grease, and years of specialized knowledge will leave your home truly mold-free.
There are also no guidelines at the federal or state level governing mold remediators, which is why so many still use harmful chemicals. Mold removal practices, such as fogging, have been known to send homeowners to the emergency room, but there is no regulation for companies using them.
Another downside to these harsh chemicals is that dead mold is just as unhealthy as living mold. Chemicals will not prevent mold allergic reactions and can even worsen them.
That’s why we don’t use harsh chemicals at Valor Mold. The right way to do things may be a little more difficult because of the energy we have to put into it, but it gets results with no harmful side effects.
Mold In Corner Of Basement In Centreville, VA Home

We Are Certifiable Clean Freaks

For every square inch of visible mold, there are 1,000,000 mold spores, and the fungal fragments present can outnumber spores by 320 times. It’s just as critical to clean up these microscopic spores and fragments as to tear out the visible mold.
To ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned, we take 5 to 10 times longer than the competition to clean the affected areas of your home. We carefully and expertly cover the area by vacuuming, wiping, and scouring, so when we’re done, the excess mold is gone, and the room is safe again.
We use a 3-part cleaning process known as the HEPA Sandwich. It involves:
We use HEPA vacuums specifically built for mold removal – they pick up the smallest mold spores.
We wipe down all your surfaces with isopropyl alcohol and water mixed with a splash of dish liquid.
Because we release mycotoxins during damp wiping, we’ll go back and either HEPA vacuum or damp wipe again.

The Ultimate Mold Removal Nerds

We are unapologetically the biggest mold nerds you will meet, and this means we have an absolute desire to know everything there is to know about mold remediation. Throughout the year, we do everything possible to gather as much knowledge available. This is how we stay updated on the industry and anything that has advanced with mold and moisture control technology.
Our mold technicians are the top talent in the field. With extreme talent and PhD-level mold education, they’re the best solution to your problems.
We have also invested in the industry’s top-tier equipment to provide our customers with the best results. Without spending this money, we couldn’t ensure efficient mold removal the first time.

Are You Concerned About Mold In Your Centreville, VA
Home’s Basement? You Need The Mold Nerds

If your Centreville, VA home’s basement has a lot of humidity and moisture, you must act quickly before mold overtakes everything. Rely on a company that removes your humidity and moisture problem efficiently and effectively.
At Valor Mold, we’ll identify the source of your problem and find the best-proven solution for lasting results at the lowest cost possible.
Call us today at (703) 897-7121 to schedule your free inspection.
We service Centreville, VA and the surrounding areas.

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96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

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