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Purify The Air In Your Centreville, VA Home[BR] With The Experts At Valor Mold

Special Techniques To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Did you know several kinds of indoor air pollutants could be affecting the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of your Centreville, VA, home right now? Regular cleaning and vacuuming will do nothing to remove them. You need a special cleaning performed by a company that wants you and your family to be safe.
At Valor Mold, we remove air pollutants to ensure you can breathe free and clear. Because major air pollutants cling to dust, IAQ cleaning is similar to mold removal. As such, our experts perform highly intensive HEPA vacuuming and air scrubbing while directing airflow – the right way. 
Having subpar air quality can result in many health issues like allergies, sinus problems, upper respiratory problems, and fibromyalgia. And if you live near an airport, plane flight path, or highway, your exposure to harsh effects of low air quality could be increased from toxic fumes.
Indoor Air Quality Inspection For Mold And Other Contaminants In Centerville, VA

The Internal Core Values Of Our Technicians

At Valor Mold, we pride ourselves on providing the best service to our customers. We do this by maintaining a set of internal core values that govern how our technicians operate:
We track down all the mold on a job site. The worst thing that could happen to us is a client finding mold we should have removed during the project.
We move more slowly and deliberately than the competition because we do things right the first time.
We embrace new ideas from our teammates.
The projects we handle aren’t always straightforward. Sometimes, all it takes is looking at it from a different perspective.
Mold may not be a physical hazard for a client – it may be psychological. We can make our clients feel safe again.
We expect that our technicians will ask if they don’t know something. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly.
Give Clients An Expert Opinion, But Let Them Make The Decision: We provide our clients with expert opinions backed by PhD-level knowledge, but we let them make the final decision on everything.
If any of our techs make a mistake, they will own up to it and take care of the problem immediately.
We’re a cohesive unit, and everyone supports everyone.

Nothing But Honesty

At Valor Mold, we don’t try to sell you services you don’t need, but we also don’t sugarcoat the truth. After we inspect or test your home, we’ll tell you our exact findings and give you honest information about your situation. Over the years, we’ve found that honesty is the most crucial practice – because it instills confidence in our customers during stressful times. 
We’re always upfront with our pricing for mold remediation and testing. We also inform you beforehand that our process will take two to three times longer than any service you get from a second-rate remediator.
You’ll never experience shady tactics like upselling you useless chemicals or unnecessary services. Just professional and thorough Indoor Air Cleaning – nothing more.
We recommend getting a third party to test our work when your project is over. This test will be an unbiased verification that we did our job correctly.

Trust The Centreville, VA Company With A Stellar Reputation
For Indoor Air Cleaning

A lot of businesses in the mold remediation industry are prone to shady tactics. Take the time to research a company before you decide to work with them – check out their customer reviews to see what people have to say and what awards they’ve won over the years. 
We’ve got a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating from the satisfied customers we’ve worked hard to care for and treat right. Additionally, we’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2012 and the Best Pick Reports Winner since 2015. Both of these awards go to companies that have demonstrated superior customer service.

Are You Concerned About Your Indoor Air Quality?
Call The Centreville, VA Air Experts

Do you need professional indoor air cleaning for your Centreville, VA home? Trust the experts at Valor Mold to set you back on track.
Before starting the project, we’ll test your air quality to ensure your home will benefit from IAQ cleaning.
Call us today at (703) 897-7121 to schedule your free inspection.
We service Centreville, VA and the surrounding areas.

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96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

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