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Stop Mold In Your Chantilly, VA, Home With
Crawl Space Encapsulation

Knock Humidity Out Of The Park With This
Specialized Procedure

Does your Chantilly, VA, home’s crawl space smell musty? Unfortunately, that’s a sign of a damp, humid environment, which can lead to mold production. Almost half of your home’s indoor air comes from your crawl space, so if there’s mold, you could have severe problems on your hands. The best solution is to get crawl space encapsulation to remove humidity.
Many mold remediators still believe that the best remedy is to ventilate a damp crawl space. At Valor Mold, we know this method is antiquated and wrong – it’s also hazardous. If there is ventilation, all that steamy, humid air will get into the crawl space and condense, forming water droplets that accumulate on everything, including your floor joists.
What does mold need to survive? It needs water. In addition to growing mold on your floor joists, you could experience rot on these critical fixtures. Crawl space encapsulation, when done correctly, will remove all the humidity, preventing mold growth and decay. It is essential for a safe, healthy home.

We Don’t Use Chemicals To Remove Mold

Generally speaking, if you ask anyone you meet on the street what the best way to remove mold is, they’re likely to give you the name of some chemical, probably bleach. They’ll recommend killing the mold, but there are serious problems with both these recommendations.
In many cases, using chemicals can worsen the situation by making the homeowner sick. Killing the mold is also not viable because dead mold is just as problematic as live mold. If you are allergic to it when it’s living, you’ll be allergic to it when it’s dead.
That’s why most of the time, chemicals are not needed or recommended for mold remediation. We use a straightforward method of isolating the affected area and placing it under negative pressure. Anything we cannot salvage gets ripped out, and anything we can save gets stripped of mold. Finally, we remove the excess mold from the air.
Crawl Space In Chantilly, VA, Before Encapsulation

Financing That Takes The Pressure Off

While our prices are not the cheapest in Chantilly, VA, they align with precisely what it takes to correctly remove mold from your home. At Valor Mold, we understand this can be a significant investment into the health and well-being of your family. To help offset the burden it imposes, we offer flexible financing options to our qualifying customers.
This is the best way to get the mold remediation services you deserve at monthly payments you can afford. You won’t have to settle for a company that does a quick in-and-out job that doesn’t remove your mold problem.

Why Choose Valor Mold Over The Competition

There are so many mold remediators in the Chantilly, VA, area that you’ll never have a problem finding one. The struggle comes when you look for one that actually cares about their customers.
Many will try to take advantage of a homeowner who doesn’t know the first thing about mold remediation. They see it as an opportunity to upsell services and pad their bottom line. Unfortunately, this dishonesty runs rampant in the industry.
We are one of the very few in the industry that is truly passionate about the business and genuinely cares about the well-being of our customers. It’s not about our bottom line – it’s about making our customers’ homes safe and healthy places to live again.
We also believe in having the utmost integrity when handling all our business. We will never exaggerate a problem to boost our profits or try to sell a service a customer doesn’t need. Our honesty extends to backing out of services if the customer doesn’t need them.

Protect Your Home From Mold In Chantilly, VA,
With Crawl Space Encapsulation

Valor Mold specializes in crawl space encapsulation for Chantilly, VA, homes to stop mold growth by decreasing the dangerous humidity levels that cause it. We’ll make your indoor air safe and clean again.

While other companies use old-fashioned methods that are dangerous and promote mold growth, you can count on us to provide a lasting solution to your crawl space problems. 

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96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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