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Enjoy Being At Home After Expert Air Quality
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Let Valor Mold Rid Your Home Of The
Major Indoor Air Pollutants

If you’re having problems breathing comfortably at your Chantilly, VA, home, you could greatly benefit from air quality cleaning services from Valor Mold. Eight major indoor air pollutants affect homes everywhere, and yours is no exception.
These pollutants can cause health problems, which can be made worse if you suffer from allergies, have upper respiratory issues, live with fibromyalgia, or live near a highway or airport. We can thoroughly assess your indoor air quality to determine if cleaning would be an effective solution for you.
Our air quality cleaning process is effective because it uses highly specialized techniques. We use intensive HEPA vacuuming and air scrubbing, ensuring the air flows in the right direction.

We Are Absolute Clean Freaks

It is critical to clean the invisible airborne mold spores that are generated from deep scrubbing the surfaces in the affected areas of your home. However, this is one of the most overlooked parts of mold remediation.
Many people, including other mold remediators, believe that killing mold with chemicals is good enough. One significant problem is that dead mold causes just as many allergy problems as live mold.
That’s why we take more than five to ten times longer to clean affected areas than the competition. We wipe, clean, scour, and vacuum every millimeter of the room, ensuring all excess spores are removed. 
Indoor Air Quality Inspection Conducted In Chantilly, VA

We Don't Need Chemicals To Kick Mold Out

Using chemicals to clean up mold can cause more problems than they’re worth. Some of them can even send customers to the hospital. What’s most interesting about this is that you don’t even need chemicals in mold remediation most of the time. 
Mold removal requires “elbow grease” – hard work that we’re not afraid to put in to rid your home of mold safely and effectively. We follow the national standard for mold remediation, which does not indicate the use of any chemicals anywhere in the process. 
It boils down to placing the affected area under negative pressure, removing everything that cannot be salvaged, stripping the mold from what you can save, and removing the excess mold spores. This straightforward process takes more work than many mold remediators want to do, but we’re a cut above the rest, going above and beyond for our customers.
It only makes sense to use chemicals to kill mold if someone in your household is prone to mold infection. In this case, live mold would be more dangerous than dead mold. Any other time, scrubbing and vacuuming is the best answer.

You'll Only Get The Truth From Us

The last thing we will ever do is take advantage of an unsuspecting customer. We understand that most homeowners have no idea what goes into mold remediation or what it truly costs to complete it. That’s why we believe in being completely transparent and absolutely honest in everything we do. 
We’re so straightforward that you’ll find our prices on our website. For us, there’s no need for games or gimmicks. When you call us for an inspection, we’ll give you the results precisely. We’ll never exaggerate the problem, and we’ll offer you the best course of action, even if it doesn’t benefit our bottom line.
Being honest is just the right way to be, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Your Indoor Allergies Are Overbearing In Your
Chantilly, VA, Home, Get Air Quality Cleaning
From Valor Mold

If your allergies worsen at your home in Chantilly, VA, it’s time to take action. Air quality cleaning will rid your home’s air of the major indoor pollutants, allowing you to breathe better.
Here at Valor Mold, we’ll thoroughly inspect your situation to determine the best course of action. We will only offer a rock-solid solution to your air quality problems.
Call us today at (703) 897-7121 to schedule your free estimate.
We service Chantilly, VA, and the surrounding areas.

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96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

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