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Get Your Mold Testing Results On The Spot
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High-Accuracy, Immediate Results From Valor Mold

If you suspect you have mold in your Chantilly, VA, home, you don’t want to wait for the results from standard mold testing. You want the answers now. Fortunately, Valor Mold can deliver results with 99% accuracy on the spot. There’s no more waiting a week to find out if your home is unsafe.
We invested a significant amount of money in ensuring our equipment was of the highest caliber to offer the best results for our customers. Not only does our mold testing equipment provide immediate results, but it gives easy-to-read color-coded values for how much mold is present in the air:
  • Green: airborne mold levels are as expected
  • Yellow: airborne mold levels are slightly elevated from what’s expected
  • Red: airborne mold levels are significantly greater than what’s expected
The average price for mold testing by a competent mold tester is $644 for two rooms. That’s pretty expensive. That’s why we offer a flat rate of $650 for up to 15 rooms. This way, you’ll get the mold count of every room in your house, not just one or two. 

Particle Counters Are Useless, So We Don’t Use Them

Mold On A Wall In Chantilly, VA
Once mold remediation is completed, the final step is to test the airborne mold spore count. Unfortunately, many mold remediators rely on particle counters, which are useless because they cannot determine which particles are harmless and which are mold spores. 
That’s why we rely on our InstaScope for the most accurate results when we test a home following mold remediation. Mold is no joke – our customers need to know that their homes are safe. 

Our Business Is Constantly Shaped By The Core Values
We Put In Place In 2006

Taking care of our customers is our top priority, and to ensure we do the job right, we abide by a strict set of core values established when we first opened our doors in 2006. 
We are incredibly passionate about helping each of our customers achieve a healthy home free of the dangers of mold. This passion is what motivates us every single day.
When you call us, you will get perfect transparency. We’ll tell you what you need to hear, not what will boost our bottom line. That’s a promise and a guarantee.
We are obsessed with mold remediation and with learning all there is to know about new advancements and the latest technologies. We strive to find new ways to improve the customer experience every day.
Our priority is to make your project pleasant from start to finish. We do everything in our power to ensure this is a reality.
A hiring requirement to work at Valor Mold is a positive, upbeat attitude. Those who don’t have this don’t get hired. This stringent standard ensures our customers love every employee’s kindness and compassion.
We’re definitely not perfect – no one is. However, that doesn’t stop us from striving for perfection in all that we do. We give more than 100% all the time.

The Mold Nerds Of Chantilly, VA

Here at Valor Mold, we are obsessed with mold remediation, making us the absolute mold nerds. We do everything we can to gain all the information on advancing our skills as the best mold remediators in the Chantilly, VA, area. 
Our owner attends five times more conferences and seminars than the average mold removal company’s owner. We also hold monthly roundtables with all remediation technicians, debating the best mold remediation techniques.
We use the industry’s best equipment, from mold testing equipment to respirators. This gives us an edge over the competition to ensure we provide the best service to our customers.

Rely On Valor Mold For All Your Mold Testing Needs In Chantilly, VA

You need immediate answers when you suspect you have mold in your Chantilly, VA, home. Turn to Valor Mold for reliable, on-the-spot mold testing results.
We will thoroughly test your entire home for a flat rate, providing easy-to-understand readings that tell you if your home is safe or at dangerous mold levels.
Call us today at (703) 897-7121 to schedule your free estimate.
We service Chantilly, VA, and the surrounding areas.

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96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

Your home is in the best hands—our chemical-free remediation has the highest success rate in the industry.

Instant Mold Testing

Instant Mold Testing

You get the answers you need—our special mold testing provides 99% accurate results on the spot.

300+ Happy Clients

300+ Happy Clients

You can trust our process—we’ve performed over 300 successful projects since we opened in 2006.

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