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Air Quality Cleaning Removes Pollutants
From Your Fairfax County, VA,
Home’s Air

Improve Your Indoor Comfort With Cleaner, Safer Air

Did you know there’s a real chance that the air inside your Fairfax County, VA, home isn’t as clean as the air outside? That’s scary! In fact, eight indoor air pollutants could be inside and affecting you right now:

  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Lead
  • Dust mites
  • Pesticides
  • Carcinogenic carbons from cooking and soot
  • Phthalates (plastics)
  • Fire retardants

You can’t remove these pollutants with any ordinary means, such as household vacuuming. However, they all have one major commonality: they stick to dust. This allows us to treat indoor air quality cleaning much like mold remediation. We use our hyper-intensive HEPA vacuuming, air scrubbing, and moving the air in the correct direction.

This ensures we can remove the pollutants, improving indoor air quality. If you have allergies, upper respiratory problems, live near an airport or highway, or suffer from fibromyalgia, you may need air quality cleaning in your home.

Our Core Values Guide Our Business Operations

We didn’t become the most trusted mold remediator in Northern VA, Southern MD & Washington DC overnight. It took a strict adherence to our core values that we established when we opened our doors in 2006. 

  • We have a bold Enthusiasm for the business. Our burning passion for helping our customers motivates us every day we come to work.
  • Our customers know they can Trust us, as we’re an open book when it comes to what’s best for them and their situation.
  • Innovation is a big deal to us – we always want to stay at the top of our game, learning all the advancements in technology and best practices.
  • We’ll treat your home with the absolute Respect it deserves and do everything in our power to deliver a positive experience.
  • Only those with Positivity work for Valor Mold. This ensures our customers will love our team’s kindness and compassion.

We strive for Perfection in all that we do. There’s no point in giving anything if it’s not at least 110%.

Honesty Is Our Number One Policy

It’s not always easy to find an honest mold remediator in Fairfax County, VA, who does the job well. Unfortunately, quite a few unsavory characters out there aren’t afraid to take advantage of an unsuspecting homeowner who doesn’t know what it takes or costs to effectively and correctly remove a mold issue.

We couldn’t imagine running our business like this. Instead, we operate on a total policy of open-book honesty. We’ll tell you the exact extent of your mold issue, even if it’s not what you want to hear. You’ll get the whole truth – even if it means we don’t get the job because there’s no problem to remove.

Unlike some competitors, we won’t try to upsell you useless services, like chemicals, treatments, and anything else that’s not needed for mold remediation. We even recommend you have a third-party mold testing company verify our work – this ensures there will be no conflict of interest confirming our job was completed successfully.

We’ve even gone so far as to list our prices for mold testing and mold remediation on our website – because we want to be completely transparent with our customers from the start. Our goal is to be the company you can rely on in your time of need with complete peace of mind.

We Don’t Cut Corners On Any Part Of Your Service

The most critical step of the mold remediation process isn’t removing the mold you can see – it’s removing the airborne mold you can’t. Despite this, many mold remediators in Northern VA, Southern MD & Washington DC cut corners and skip the cleaning step after they’ve scrubbed the visible mold off your surfaces.

This is a significant problem because left-behind mold causes mold-related health problems. Many think that killing mold is the answer, but dead mold causes just as many health complications as live mold!

We’ve found that airborne mold counts are always in the millions in the demolition area. Now, imagine a mold remediator just leaving that behind. That’s why Valor Mold takes 5 to 10 times longer to clean a room than most competitors. 

Our process involves three steps:

  1. Hyper-Intensive HEPA Vacuuming: We’ll use a specially designed HEPA vacuum that targets small particles like mold spores and systematically vacuum every inch of the containment area. 
  2. Damp Wiping: Because mycotoxins are sticky and remain after vacuuming, we’ll use a 70/30 solution of isopropyl alcohol and water with a dash of dish soap to wipe down all surfaces. 
  3. Another Round: We’ll perform one more round of HEPA vacuuming or damp wiping to remove anything we freed in step 2 to ensure your home is as clean and mold-free as possible.

Trust Valor Mold When You Need Air Quality Cleaning
Services For Your Fairfax County, VA, Home

If your allergies or sinus problems are acting up in your Fairfax County, VA, home, turn to Valor Mold for air quality cleaning. We’ll efficiently and effectively remove indoor air pollutants from your home.

Our goal is to ensure you have a comfortable, safe home to enjoy that doesn’t worsen your health problems. We always put our all into every job we complete, ensuring top-notch services are provided to every customer.

Call Valor Mold today at (703) 897-7121 to schedule a free estimate.

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96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

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