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Rid Your Basement Of Mold With Humidity
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We Fix The Underlying Issue To Get
To The Heart Of Your Problem

f you think you have a mold problem in your Fairfax County, VA, home’s basement, you need a real solution. Unlike companies that throw a cheap humidifier at the problem or talk you into an overpriced whole-home humidifier, we look for a valid solution at Valor Mold. We start with finding the cause of the problem and eliminating it.

We aim to fix your humidity and moisture control problems by getting your basement below 60% RH (relative humidity) at the lowest cost to you. High humidity is almost always linked to one of several common problems, including gutter downspouts being too close to the home and poor yard drainage. We assess these first, looking for the cause of your issue.

If we find and fix the cause, but your basement still has high humidity, we’ll turn to mechanical dehumidification. We install Santa Fe dehumidifiers that can remove up to 155 pints of water daily, depending on the model. No matter the source of your basement moisture, we can knock it out of the park.

With Mold, Open-Book Honesty Is Essential

Unfortunately, many mold remediators in the Northern VA, Southern MD, and Washington DC areas take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners who don’t have the first clue about mold remediation. Chances are you’ll never think about mold until you have a problem in your own home. They know this and use it to their advantage.

They’ll overcharge for their services, upsell for processes and treatments that aren’t needed, and in some cases, exaggerate the problem so it seems much worse than it is. Finding an honest mold remediator who knows how to do the job correctly is challenging.

Then there’s us. At Valor Mold, we believe in practicing open-book honesty at every turn. We’ll always tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you hope to hear. You’ll get the facts from us, plain and simple. What you can count on is getting the truth when it means we don’t get the job because we can give you the good news that you don’t have a mold problem.

If you need our services, we’ll never upsell you on useless chemicals or treatments because we know the best process is chemical-free. We also post our prices right on our website so you know before you call us what the rates are.

We Employ The Best Mold Technicians Around

At Valor Mold, we’re very specific about who we hire, ensuring our team is made up of only the best. Our technicians are more experienced, educated, and knowledgeable than the average tech at any other company.

When you hire other companies, there’s a chance their techs have had no formal training at all. Some may complete a one-hour online certification, others will have the owner complete a class, and the rest don’t participate in any. If they’re not upfront with you about their training, you’ll be surprised when they arrive for your appointment.

On the other hand, we provide extensive training with PPE gear, setting up a containment barrier and creating negative pressure within the area. Once that training is complete, the tech is taken through on-the-job training to ensure they have what it takes for classroom training. 

Many companies promote their techs to leadership positions after a couple of jobs. That’s barely any experience at all! We require our techs to work for us for at least six months, regardless of previous experience, to demonstrate their knowledge and ability before we will consider them for promotion.

Cleaning Is Critical In Mold Removal

The most crucial step of mold removal is often the most overlooked – cleaning after the scrubbing is completed. The problem is when we scrub an area, it kicks up millions of mold spores into the air, and these airborne spores are what causes your allergic and immune response to the mold. It’s typically not the mold you can see growing on the wall.

To remove as much mold as possible, we complete three important steps:

  1. Industrial-Strength HEPA Vacuuming: We’ll use a HEPA vacuum designed specifically for mold spores to cover every square inch of the containment area.
  2. Damp Wiping: Mycotoxins are sticky and remain behind after vacuuming. So we’ll damp wipe every surface with a 70/30 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water with a dash of dish soap added in.
  3. One More Round: We’ll complete a final round of HEPA vacuuming or damp wiping, depending on the needs of the specific containment area.

Trust Valor Mold To Resolve Your Humidity & Moisture
Control Issues In Fairfax County, VA

Mold in your Fairfax County, VA, home’s basement can cause air quality problems for you and your family. Turn to Valor Mold for efficient and effective humidity and moisture control solutions.

We will always provide you with an upfront and honest answer to your issue. Instead of slapping a bandaid on it, we’ll find and resolve the root cause of the matter.

Call Valor Mold today at (703) 897-7121 to schedule a free estimate.

We service Fairfax County, VA, and the surrounding areas.

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96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

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