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Have Your Fairfax County, VA, Home’s
Mold Issue Effectively Resolved
With Soda Blasting

The Best Solution To Eliminate Mold From Wood,
Especially In Large Areas With Tight Places

One of the worst mold situations you can face is when the problem spreads across the crawl space, basement, or attic in your Fairfax County, VA, home. Traditional mold removal methods, like sanding and wire brushing, are highly ineffective at thoroughly eliminating the problem.

Here at Valor Mold, we specialize in soda blasting, which blasts the mold from the surface of the affected wood with baking soda. Not only does this process not damage the wood, but it can restore it to its former beauty. In addition to the fantastic job it does visibly, you’ll enjoy several other benefits from this process, including the following:

  • Removal of 99.6% of all mold from your attic, basement, or crawl space
  • Approximately 80% faster than sanding at removing the mold from your affected areas
  • Only costs 25% of what sanding services cost


While soda blasting requires additional cleanup, we’ll never leave you in a mess. Your home will look as good as new when you sign off on our work, with the affected areas looking better than ever.

We Have A Passion For Mold Removal

Our team has one thing in common: we obsess over mold removal and how to do it the best way possible. We are relentless in our pursuit of perfection in our procedures and protocols. We’ve invested significantly in the best equipment available to aid that effort. 

To put things in perspective, our owner attends five times the number of mold seminars and courses the average mold company owner will attend. Each month we hold a company-wide round table where we discuss the best practices for mold remediation. 

Our mold techs have the highest level of education of all mold techs in the Northern VA, Southern MD, and Washington DC areas. But that’s not all – they’re highly invested in delivering a quality experience that genuinely helps you in your specific situation.

The Hidden Truth About Mold Remediation:
Chemicals Are Rarely Needed

Depending on who you’ve gotten your advice from, you’ve likely heard it suggested that you kill mold in your Fairfax County, VA, home with the harshest chemical you can find. However, this won’t actually help your situation and can even make it worse

The Institute Of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC) established guidelines for the proper way to remove mold, and no chemicals are used in any of the steps. According to the IICRC, you should complete the following:

  1. Isolate and place the affected area under negative pressure.
  2. Tear out all objects that cannot be salvaged.
  3. Strip the mold from all objects that can be salvaged.
  4. Remove all remaining mold spores.

As you can see, mold remediation isn’t completed by some magic chemical – it’s hard work and elbow grease that gets the job done.

Cleaning Is Essential To The Process

One area that many Northern VA, Southern MD, and Washington DC area mold remediators will cut corners is cleaning – one of the most crucial aspects of the mold remediation process. We take this step very seriously, ensuring it’s done right. In fact, we take 5 to 10 times longer to clean mold from your home than the competition.

Cleaning is the last stage of our mold remediation process, following right behind the demolition phase. At this point, all the disturbed mold spores are airborne and at their most dangerous. If we left your home without removing them, your problem wouldn’t be resolved, and you’d be calling for services again in a very short period.

So, we employ a three-step process to remove all the mold from the affected area:

  1. Industrial-Strength HEPA Vacuuming: We’ll systematically vacuum the entire containment area with a specialized HEPA vacuum that you can’t find in stores. Store-bought vacuums can’t hold a candle to this machine, as it focuses on the microscopic particles that need to be collected from the air.
  2. Damp Wiping: Following vacuuming, mycotoxins are left on all surfaces due to their sticky nature. We use a 70/30 isopropyl alcohol and water mixture with a dash of dish soap mixed in to thoroughly wipe down every surface in the affected area to break the bond these spores have with various surfaces.
  3. Another Round: Finally, we’ll complete another round of vacuuming or damp wiping, depending on what your situation calls for.

Turn To Valor Mold When You Need A Large-Scale
Mold Solution Like Soda Blasting For Your
Fairfax County, VA, Home

If mold has infiltrated the crawl space, attic, or basement in your Fairfax County, VA, home, you need a solution that works efficiently, effectively, and doesn’t break the bank. Turn to Valor Mold for soda blasting, an option that’s lightyears ahead of the competition.

When we’re done removing your mold issue, your affected area will look better than ever before. You’ll likely even find that your wood has been restored to a better-looking condition, making the process even more worthwhile.

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96% Success Rate

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