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Eliminate Damaging Moisture Under Your
Falls Church, VA, Home With Crawl
Space Encapsulation

Ensure Your Home’s Air Is Safe To Breathe

If you have a moisture-laden crawl space under your Falls Church, VA, home, you need crawl space encapsulation before it’s too late. This damp environment is the ideal location for mold to grow, and it attracts pests like snakes and spiders. Also, half your home’s air comes from your crawl space, so if it grows mold, it becomes unsafe for you and your family.
Here at Valor Mold, our crawl space encapsulation process will ensure your crawl space stays completely dry and the air in your home is safe to breathe. We use a nine-step process that fully encases your crawl space in plastic and seals every vent and hole, stopping moisture from accessing those points. We then add a dehumidifier for any additional moisture.
Unlike other companies, we know that you cannot vent a crawl space to remove moisture. In the summer, warm moist air will cool down and settle inside your crawl space, condensing onto the floor joists and leading to mold and rot. 

Honesty Is The Only Policy At Valor Mold

Crawl Space Under A Falls Church, VA, Home
Unfortunately, many mold remediation companies are all too willing to take advantage of customers who don’t know the first thing about what it takes to remove mold from their homes. They try to upsell their services and exaggerate the problem in the hopes of making more money off them.
For us, that’s just bad policy, and we would never consider running our business like that. We will always tell you the problem like it is – even if it’s not the answer you were hoping to hear. Of course, if the answer doesn’t benefit our bottom line, we’ll still tell you the honest truth
We’re upfront with our customers about everything we do, from how long it takes us to complete our job compared to the competition to posting our prices for mold remediation and testing on our website. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible to the point where we even recommend getting third-party testing to validate our results once we are finished.

No Chemicals Needed For A Job Well Done

One of the most surprising things we can tell our customers is that, generally speaking, mold remediation does not require the use of chemicals to be successful. From everything you have probably heard over the years, the ideal way to deal with mold is to bleach it until it’s dead. 
Here at Valor Mold, we follow the national mold remediation standard, which advises us to use the following four straightforward steps:
Contain and place the affected area under negative air pressure.
Tear out and dispose of all materials and objects that are unsalvageable. 
Strip all mold off all materials and objects that are salvageable.
Remove all remaining mold spores.
As you can see, there is no special chemical recommended that immediately removes all mold. It’s just a case of using a little elbow grease to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Cleaning: The Essential Part Of The Process

When performing mold remediation, the most critical part of the process is cleaning, but many remediators skip this step because of how time-consuming it is. The problem is that all the scrubbing we do produces a lot of airborne mold spores, which is what causes your allergy symptoms and other mold-related problems.
Not cleaning would just leave these spores behind to cause the problem to come right back while causing your health problems to continue. That’s why we take a three-pronged attack on these airborne spores.
First, we use HEPA vacuuming on every square inch of the affected area. Second, we follow up with damp wiping on all surfaces to collect mycotoxins, which are sticky and get left behind after vacuuming. Third, we perform another round of vacuuming or damp wiping, depending on the individual situation.

Protect Your Family From Moisture Problems With Crawl
Space Encapsulation In Your Falls Church, VA, Home

Having moisture in the crawl space of your Falls Church, VA, home can be a severe problem, but crawl space encapsulation is a lasting solution. Here at Valor Mold, we go above and beyond to ensure that moisture cannot get into your crawl space anymore.
We are passionate about ensuring our customers have a safe, healthy home with clean air to breathe. When we’re done with our process, that’s exactly what you’ll have.
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96% Success Rate

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