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Humidity And Moisture Control Solutions That
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Keep Your Basement Mold-Free And Safe For Your Family

Do you have a humidity problem in your basement in your Falls Church, VA, home? Here at Valor Mold, we don’t just throw the first dehumidifier we find at the problem. We work to find a lasting solution to permanently bring your basement below 60% RH (relative humidity). Our humidity and moisture control solutions involve getting to the source of your problem.
We aim to make the humidity and moisture control solution as cost-effective as possible, so we start by looking for the most common culprits of basement humidity. While we can help you fix many of these issues at reasonable prices, for those we can’t, we’ll refer you to trusted professionals who will treat you right. 
When fixing the underlying problem is not a viable solution due to cost, or if it won’t solve the issue, we turn to using a dehumidifier. We’ll set you up with a stand-alone dehumidifier that will work only on the air in the basement, as opposed to the whole-house system, which is what the competition will try to sell you on and it’s completely unnecessary.

The Key To Stopping Mold In Your Basement Is Prevention

Moisture-Damaged Wall In A Falls Church, VA, Basement
If you’re concerned about mold in your basement, several steps can be taken to prevent it. The first is investing in a dehumidifier to remove any moisture that could be building up. However, those over-the-counter dehumidifiers at retail locations are often not powerful enough to handle the entire basement.
You also must ensure your gutter downspouts are properly draining rainwater away from your home’s foundation. If they’re not moving the water far enough away, the result could be that it seeps into the foundation and then into your basement. The result will, unfortunately, be mold growth.
If you still find mold despite your best efforts, the best solution is to avoid trying to handle it yourself. It can be hazardous, especially in large quantities. Without the proper personal protective equipment and training, you could put yourself at risk for serious illness. Your best solution is to call a professional mold remediation company to remove the mold.

We Won’t Use Harmful Chemicals To Solve Your Problems

While you may be under the impression from various things you’ve heard over the years that you must destroy mold with chemicals, that’s just not true. In most cases, chemicals are not needed in mold remediation, and using them can worsen the situation.
There is a practice still used today by many mold remediators called fogging. Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous practice with no regulation stopping companies from using it. There have been several cases in which the homeowner has been sent to the hospital as a direct result of this method being used in their home.
While it may take us longer to complete a remediation project than it does the competition, we’re not taking any risks with our customers’ health. We put our all into every project and successfully remove mold without using chemicals. In fact, we have a 96% success rate, which far outweighs the national average for mold remediators’ success. 

We’re Certifiable Mold Nerds

Everyone here at Valor Mold is fanatical about mold. We live and breathe mold remediation, trying to take in as much information as possible to improve our knowledge and services. 
All our mold remediation technicians have the equivalent of a PhD-level education in mold. They are highly talented and stand out among the rest of those in the industry.
We make considerable investments in all the latest and greatest technology. Our mold testing machine is 1 of only 70 worldwide and provides results within an hour, unlike other methods that can take up to a week to get results back. We also ensure our technicians have the best respirators available for their safety.
When experts need advice, we’re the company they turn to. This includes industry professionals, local media, and various publications.

For All Your Humidity And Moisture Control Needs In
Falls Church, VA, Rely On Valor Mold

If your Falls Church, VA, home’s basement is humid and full of moisture, you need a solution fast before mold begins to grow. Here at Valor Mold, we provide humidity and moisture control solutions that get to the heart of your problem.
We don’t just stick a dehumidifier in your basement and call it good. We first search for the underlying problem and try to fix that so the humidity is no longer a problem. Our goal is always to provide you with a long-lasting solution.
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96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

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