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The Best Version Of Your Home Is One Without Mold. In Falls Church, VA, There’s Mold Remediation.

You love your home. It’s full of memories of you and your family, your favorite things, and all the things that make you the most comfortable. It might also be full of mold. Mold can hurt those who live in your home, and it can also hurt the home itself that you love so much. Want mold remediation that properly gets rid of the mold problem in your home and helps you restore your home to health? Valor Mold can help!

How Can Mold Hurt Your Falls Church, VA Home?

The biggest concern when it comes to mold is health concerns. When mold gets into the air you breathe, it can exacerbate respiratory issues, cause sneezing and congestion, fatigue, nosebleeds, and possibly even depression or anxiety. But did you know the ways that mold can also hurt your Falls Church home? Here are a few ways mold hurts your home:
  • Eating away at drywall, insulation, carpeting, flooring, and others
  • Often goes hand in hand with rot
  • Lowers the value of your home
  • Leaves an unattractive black, splotchy stain
  • Gets into the ducts and can be difficult to remove
Mold in your home is no laughing matter, which is why you shouldn’t delay scheduling mold remediation.

Valor Mold Takes Mold Seriously With Our Mold Remediation

We have 15 years of experience with mold remediation in Falls Church, VA. We have become experts on the subject, and the care we take with mold remediation is what makes our process 96% effective, over 30% more effective than the industry standard.
We don’t want to kick up mold spores and spread them throughout the home in trying to get rid of them, so we contain the area first and foremost. 

Our air filtration device serves as a negative air machine to choke the mold and an air scrubber to clean the air once that’s done.

Often, the piece of drywall, carpet, or flooring affected by mold has to be removed and replaced, so once the problem is stopped in its tracks, that’s our next step. 

Next, we’ll clean up. We’ll use a HEPA vacuum, damp cloths, and the same Cleanroom standards that NASA uses to determine if a room is safe to build a satellite, but what we won’t use are chemicals that will harm your air quality.

If we can replace whatever needs to be removed, we will. If not, we’ll put you in touch with our favorite home improvement partners. 

Why Should You Work With Valor Mold in Falls Church, VA?

Our experience and our thorough mold testing speak for themselves, but those aren’t the only reasons to work with us in Falls Church, whether for mold remediation or one of our other services. Here are a few things you can expect when you do business with us:

No Chemicals

We never use chemicals in any of our mold remediations. On very rare occasions, we might use safe and approved chemicals after all is said and done to remove a localized stain, but you’ll know about it first.

Open Book

Open communication, fair pricing, every time. We believe in full transparency and honest business when it comes to our treatment of our customers.

Mold Nerds

We are sought out nationwide for help with mold because we’re absolutely obsessed with it and constantly learning more.

Clean and Professional

We clean up and make sure to leave the place in better shape than we found it, and we treat your home with respect.

Certified Technicians

Our team is not just highly trained but thoroughly certified, constantly re-taking their certification to ensure that they remain the best of the best for your mold remediation.

Other Valor Mold Services in Falls Church, VA

If You Have Mold in Falls Church, VA, Let Valor Mold Help You Root It Out

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We remove mold the right way… and it would be an honor to hear from you.

96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

Your home is in the best hands—our chemical-free remediation has the highest success rate in the industry.

Instant Mold Testing

Instant Mold Testing

You get the answers you need—our special mold testing provides 99% accurate results on the spot.

300+ Happy Clients

300+ Happy Clients

You can trust our process—we’ve performed over 300 successful projects since we opened in 2006.

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