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Remove The Major Air Pollutants From Your Home

An Air Purifier Being Used In A Haymarket, VA, Home

Eight major air pollutants could be in your Haymarket, VA, home right now, affecting how well you breathe. Regular cleaning won’t rid your home of these contaminants – it requires special techniques and equipment. 

Because these pollutants all cling to dust, they can be removed from your home much the same way as mold. Here at Valor Mold, we employ our mold remediation techniques to eliminate them. We use hyper-intensive HEPA vacuuming, air scrubbing, and moving the air in the right direction as part of our indoor air quality cleaning.

There are specific signs that you may need indoor air quality cleaning, including the following:

  • You have allergies
  • You have upper respiratory or sinus problems
  • Your home is near an airport or under flight patterns
  • You have fibromyalgia
  • You live within a mile of a highway

We Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals To Rid Your Home Of Mold

Many homeowners are under the impression that it takes potent chemicals to destroy mold colonies for good. The truth is using chemicals can worsen the situation and even send homeowners to the hospital.

We follow the national mold remediation standard for our process for mold remediation. It involves four simple steps:

  1. Contain the affected area, placing it under negative air pressure.
  2. Remove all materials and objects that cannot be salvaged.
  3. Strip the mold from all materials and objects that can be salvaged.
  4. Remove all mold spores.

As you can see, there is no magic bullet, no special chemical that will whisk the mold away. It takes good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Absolute Honesty Is Our Policy

Like most homeowners, you probably have no idea how to remove mold properly, the steps required, or how much it costs. It’s not something many people think about until they have a problem in their own homes. 

Unfortunately, there are mold remediation companies out there that will prey on the unknowing customer. They’ll upsell their services, charging for processes that aren’t needed. They’ll even exaggerate the problem to make more money.

We don’t stand for that type of behavior here at Valor Mold. We believe in being honest with our customers. When you call us with a problem, we’ll tell you the truth about the situation. While you may not want to hear what we say, we’ll explain it precisely as you need to hear it.

We’ll also never exaggerate a problem to boost our bottom line. If you don’t need our services, we’ll be clear about that, too. Honesty is the best policy, and it’s what you’ll get when you call us.

We’re Certified Clean Freaks

Cleaning is the most critical step of the mold remediation process, but unfortunately, many companies overlook it. You may be curious as to why it’s so important. Once we scrub and scour every surface in your affected area, it kicks up a ton of mold spores. These airborne mold spores are the primary cause of health reactions and mold allergies.

Removing these mold spores is just as important as tearing out the visible mold – if not more important. This is why we take 5 to 10 times longer to clean the mold from your home than the competition. We are extremely thorough and use a three-step process to eliminate as much mold as possible.

First, we use industrial-strength HEPA vacuuming. These vacuums are designed specifically to remove mold. We use them to vacuum every square inch of the containment area.

The next step is damp wiping all surfaces. Mycotoxins are left behind after vacuuming because they are sticky and adhere to everything. We break their bonds by using a solution of water, isopropyl alcohol, and dish soap.

We finish with another round of HEPA vacuuming or damp wiping, depending on the situation.

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96% Success Rate

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