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Get Soda Blasting For Efficient Mold Removal
In Your Haymarket, VA, Attic

Eliminate Mold Effectively And Affordably From All Those
Hard-To-Reach Places

The basement, crawl space, and attic in your Haymarket, VA, home are all places where mold can quickly proliferate once it starts growing. It can be tough to remove once it gets into tight corners and narrow spaces. The traditional removal method of sanding isn’t able to get into all these nooks and crannies, but soda blasting can.
Here at Valor Mold, we use soda blasting for tight, hard-to-reach spaces because it’s more efficient, affordable, and reliable than sanding. It removes 99.6% of mold while restoring the wood to its original pristine appearance. Additionally, this method will not damage the surface as it strips away the mold and is chemical-free.
Some mold remediation companies still use dry ice blasting, but the problem with this method is it can cause oxygen deprivation after prolonged exposure. Companies rely on this method because it doesn’t involve the cleanup that soda blasting does. We’d rather take the time to clean up after the safer procedure than take any risks to your health and safety.

Our Process Is Chemical-Free

Despite what many mold remediators will tell you, you don’t generally need chemicals to remove mold from a home. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It’s contrary to everything you’ve ever known about mold. 

According to the national mold remediation standard, there are only four steps to mold removal, none of which involve chemicals. The affected area must be contained and placed under negative pressure. Then anything that can’t be saved is disposed of. Anything that can be saved is stripped of mold. Finally, all remaining mold spores are removed.

It takes a bit of extra work, but it’s worth it not to risk our customers’ health, as using certain chemicals can send homeowners to the hospital.

Soda Blasting In Haymarket, VA

Cleaning Is An Essential Part Of The Process

The biggest problems caused by mold are due to the airborne mold spores that are kicked up whenever a colony is disturbed. This means we release a ton of mold spores into the air when we scrub. If we don’t remove them, the problem will continue. The crazy part is most mold remediators skip cleaning.

Here at Valor Mold, we have a three-part routine that we complete after our deep scrubbing. First, we use a HEPA vacuum built specifically for mold removal. We use it to vacuum the entire mold containment area.

Second, we create a mixture of water, isopropyl alcohol, and a dash of dish soap to wipe down all the surfaces. We do this because mycotoxins are left behind after vacuuming due to their sticky nature.

Finally, we follow up with a second round of HEPA vacuuming or damp wiping, depending on the individual circumstances of the project.

We aim to clean all the excess mold spores from the area, leaving your home as mold-free as possible.

Honest Is The Only Way To Be

The truth about mold is that most homeowners are not informed. They don’t think about it until they have a problem, and unfortunately, some companies will prey on this. They’ll exaggerate the problem, upsell services that aren’t needed, and overcharge for the total package.

When you look for a mold remediation company, you have to take a little extra time to not only find one that does its job well but whose employees are also honest. We stand firm on being transparent and honest with our customers at Valor Mold. 

It’s bad policy to exaggerate a problem for personal financial gains, and we’d never consider doing that. Additionally, we’ll tell you the exact extent of your situation with all the information you need to hear.

While we may not be the cheapest mold remediation company in Haymarket, VA, we charge exactly what it takes to get the job done right. 

If You Have An Extensive Mold Problem In Your Basement
Or Attic In Haymarket, VA, You Need Soda Blasting

Don’t rely on sanding to eliminate a severe mold problem in your attic or basement in your Haymarket, VA, home. You need a powerful solution like soda blasting to get rid of all the mold in one shot.

Here at Valor Mold, we’ll safely and effectively remove your mold from all your troublesome hard-to-reach spots. 

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96% Success Rate

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