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Mold Testing, Mold Remediation & More For Montgomery County

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Are you genuinely concerned mold is negatively impacting the health of your Montgomery County home? Valor Mold Removal can help.

Think you have mold, but don’t see it? We provide mold testing for certain areas of Montgomery County. It’s instant, accurate, and the lowest possible price.

Know you have mold? Our groundbreaking no-chemical mold remediation process fixes your problem RIGHT… without the use of hazardous chemical treatments.

Why Choose Valor Mold Removal In Montgomery County

Our Chemical-Free Remediation Approach

We’re unique in that we take a chemical-free approach to mold remediation. Our process is safer for you and your family. Plus, it’s much more effective!

It’s true. While the standard success rate for mold removal is around 65%, ours is an industry-high 96%. Bottom line: We remove your mold the RIGHT way.

The Valor Mold Dedication to Honesty

Of all the themes you’ll notice while reading through our testimonials from families around this area, Valor Mold’s dedication to honesty is the most commonly appreciated. 

We’re honest to a fault — focused on safety and impeccable service when human health is at risk.

Consider Us Your Personal Mold-Removal Nerds

If you had to guess, what kind of people do you think dedicate their lives to mold, study mold on a continuous basis, make mold removal their career, and who even teach classes on mold science? Yep, you got it — Mold-Removal Nerds

That’s us. We are genuinely passionate about mold and mold removal. And we know more about it than just about anyone.

Highly Decorated Industry Technicians

Our top-notch techs are experienced, skilled, and driven. They don’t stop until your mold problem is resolved correctly. End of story.

A Cleaning Process Like No Other

The Valor Mold Cleaning Process takes longer because we’re absolute, unabashed, unflinching clean freaks of the absolute highest order.

Our Core Mold Removal Services

Mold Testing

Valor Mold is one of the few remediation companies that can show up on the spot and perform professional Mold Testing. Our results are accurate, fast, and reliable. 

Note: We perform mold testing only in certain areas within Montgomery County. Contact us for details.

A: We own just one of 70 machines in the world that can test for mold on the spot. The results are 99% accurate, and there is no need to send the samples to a lab to be tested. 

A: Does it smell really moldy in certain areas of the house? Water leaks are also an issue, along with humidity and moisture problems in general. Health symptoms, especially headaches or respiratory problems, that seem to lessen or disappear when outside or away from the impacted space. 

A: Actually, our Mold Testing Price is going to likely be the most affordable you’ll find. We only charge a flat fee of $650 because of all the costs we save thanks to modern technology -- consider the industry average of between $600 on up to $3,000.

Mold Remediation

When it comes to Mold Remediation, you want the best — in accordance with current ANSI/IICRC S520 standards, where each and every step is by the book. 

That’s us.

A: If you’re the owner of the property and live in it, nothing. It’s free! For renters, landlords, property managers, and property being bought or sold, we charge a flat fee of $150.

A: This is one of those questions with no generalized answers because each project is different. It’s going to depend on variables like size, scope, and severity. However, in terms of our project history, the average mold remediation job takes us around three days.

A: Simply put, the two core reasons we maintain a 96% success rate vs. the average industry rates of 65% are a) we put serious effort into cleaning, and b) we approach your project through the prism of science and established industry standards.

Our Other Available Valor Mold Services

Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting takes old fashioned baking soda and literally blasts it off of surfaces such as wood without harming the surface.

Air Quality Cleaning

Who better to thoroughly and professionally clean your IAQ than a highly-accredited and certified mold remediation company? Breathe more safely and easily again with data-backed peace of mind.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Basements and crawl space areas are prime real estate for mold - let our team come in and from-top-to-bottom professionally encapsulate! If this is new to you, by all means check out some of our project photographs to see what a dramatic change it makes.

Moisture & Humidity Control

First, we get your home’s basement humidity and moisture situation completely under control, then we put you in the driver’s seat.

Areas We Service In Montgomery County

What Valor Mold Clients Are Saying...

“We had a very complicated situation with a chronically ill child who was so sick he could not attend school. Turns out he had mold exposure and mold toxicity. Through others that had gone through similar issues, we found Valor.

They found more mold than initially expected. So to make our house livable, we had to remove all mold. Our post-test came back clean, but the most important was seeing my son not react to the post remediated house, the true test.

Thanks, Valor, for doing what so few do—mold remediation the correct, thorough, and safe way.”
Patricia R.

Why Choose Us

We remove mold the right way… and it would be an honor to hear from you.

96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

Your home is in the best hands—our chemical-free remediation has the highest success rate in the industry.

Instant Mold Testing

Instant Mold Testing

You get the answers you need—our special mold testing provides 99% accurate results on the spot.

300+ Happy Clients

300+ Happy Clients

You can trust our process—we’ve performed over 300 successful projects since we opened in 2006.

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