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The Best Air Quality Cleaning In Springfield, VA
That Improves The Safety Of Your Home

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution With A Name
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Air quality cleaning in Springfield, VA helps keep your home’s air safe to breathe. A thorough cleaning does more than just take care of dust – it also removes mold and other pollutants to help you breathe more easily.

Cleaning your air system with Valor Mold may even help reduce energy bills and help you save money by replacing air filters less often. We have a 96% success rate, far above the average, and are quite meticulous in our process.

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The Best Air Quality Cleaning For
Homeowners In Springfield, VA


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Air Quality Cleaning

Our air quality cleaning service helps remove harmful pollutants from your home. We use special equipment and techniques that are far more thorough than a vacuum, giving you the best value and improving the health of the air in your home.

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We Serve Springfield, VA With Honesty And
A Detailed Process For Air Quality Cleaning

Our Customer Satisfaction Rates Are
Unmatched In Northern Virginia

At Valor Mold, we’ve helped homeowners overcome their mold problems for decades with lasting solutions. We’ve learned so much, which shows in how much we’ve improved, now being the area’s top mold remediation and air quality cleaning service.

#1: Honesty Is The Only Policy

Honesty is more than just a standard core value for our business – it’s part of who we are. We aim to stay candid and transparent throughout the entire process. We don’t exaggerate, sugarcoat, or give you anything except the facts.

Why Honesty Matters

#2: Obsessive About Mold

We are so detail-oriented that we even clean up the area outside of the ventilation system. If we see mold or pollutants, we can’t help but wipe them up. We use HEPA vacuums and partake in damp wiping. If we need another round, we can do it without hesitation!

We’re Clean Freaks

#3: No Chemicals

Despite what others may say, you don’t need chemicals to completely remove mold and clean your air system. We follow the top guides for mold removal, and none mention using harsh chemicals. No chemical removals are much healthier for your home!

Never Using Chemicals

#4: We Are Mold’s Worst Enemy

It may sound strange to you, but we love mold or, rather, the removal of it. We break it down to a science and keep up with the latest technology and how we can use it to build a better business.

We’re Nerds About Mold


Valor Mold Loves Serving Springfield, VA
With Our Air Quality Cleaning Services

Your Reviews Mean A Lot To
Our Company’s Success

We are so proud to have such amazing reviews from the people in our community. Every word you leave us makes us glad to do what we do for a living, serving Northern VA, Southern MD & Washington DC.

“David Myrick from Valor Mold is an extraordinary expert who really takes his time with you and explains complex problems in plain English. He’s articulate, compassionate, and knowledgeable, a perfect person to help you sort through the wrenching experience of discovering that something in your home is making you sick. His company did great mold remediation work on our house and connected us to his network of well-vetted specialists in related fields like basement waterproofing and furniture decontamination. And when we decided to move, David personally helped us check out multiple houses for mold contamination and other air quality issues.”

  • Sydney

“Do you value your life? The lives of your family? Well, this company does! Mold is no joke, as it is an airborne threat to life that is often unseen but ever present in our lives. From the moment David entered our home, you could tell he was serious about what he did. Watching him execute air quality tests and inspections was artful and professional, and you could see the dedication he put into his work. When you are talking about something that can threaten your life, don’t cut corners or take chances; Valor Mold removal won’t either! Hire THESE professionals for your Mold inspection and removal. Fast, friendly, professional, courteous, and dedicated! Thank you, Valor Mold, for keeping us safe.”

  • Roger F.

“Had a great experience with Valor Mold Removal. They were very responsive and super quick with scheduling. The team that came to do the job was very professional. I would highly recommend it.”

  • Justin A.

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5 Questions Springfield, VA Residents Ask
Valor Mold About Air Quality Cleaning

Q: Why Choose Valor Mold?

A: Valor Mold is an honest and experienced mold remediation contractor that specializes in mold and air quality services. We are thorough in everything we do and always offer you the best value for your home services.

Q: What Do Your Air Quality Cleaning Services Cost?

A: We offer the absolute best air cleaning services in the area, which gives you the best value. We are happy to offer an estimate after we talk to you and even have financing options available.

Q: How Long Does The Air Quality Cleaning Process Take?

A: The air quality cleaning process times vary, but we can usually have your air cleaned in a day. After we discuss the details of your project with you, we can give you an accurate estimate.

Q: What Areas Of Northern VA, Southern MD And Washington DC, Do You Serve?

A: We serve all of Northern VA, Southern MD & Washington DC. Our service areas are always expanding, so check out our service area page for more. We offer homeowners the best mold testing, mold remediation, and soda blasting.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About Valor Mold?

A: Find out more about our company on other pages on our site.