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Worried About Mold in Springfield, VA? Get a Mold Inspection from Valor Mold

Mold can infect your home without you even realizing it. It grows in dark corners where it won’t be as noticeable. It grows in the walls, in your air vents. By the time you begin to see the stains of mold on your home, it’s a problem that’s already gone too far. Before that, you might notice a musty smell or find that you have difficulty breathing or sinus reactions that you didn’t have before. But you can nip mold in the bud with the help of a mold remediation professional like Valor Mold, beginning with a mold inspection.

Mold Inspection Is the First Step To Getting Rid of Mold

Some people might think that the first step to getting rid of mold is a mold test. While a mold test is a necessary part of the process, the truth is a mold inspection has to come before. A mold test evaluates the levels of mold in the home, particularly in the contaminated area. But first you need to know whether you have mold in the first place. Mold inspectors are there to check out how prevalent the mold is in your home based on square feet, so you know just how many contaminated areas there are and how large those areas are.

An Expert Mold Inspector From Valor Mold Will Thoroughly Check Your Home For Mold

Our mold inspectors are experts who have done this for years, over hundreds of homes. We don’t just begin by searching the home but instead begin by talking to you as someone who lives in the home. We will ask a series of questions, including:

  • How old is the property?
  • How long have you lived in it?
  • To your knowledge, are there any leaks, whether in the roof or walls or from any leaky appliances?
  • What kind of ventilation does the home have? Does the bathroom have an exhaust fan? Do you have any sump pumps?
  • Have you experienced any recent floods? Has your sewer been backed up?
  • Have you had any recent remodels or upgrades, whether interior or exterior?
  • Have you had sinus or respiratory issues that you experience at home but not elsewhere?


After speaking with you and your family, the mold inspector will check the home for any signs of mold, including discoloration, musty smells, or places where mold can often be found in the home. After the mold inspection is thoroughly finished, you can set up a mold test to move on to the next step.

5 Reasons To Work With Valor Mold in Springfield, VA

Since 2006, we have offered all manner of mold-related services, from mold inspections to mold remediation in over 300 homes. We have the experience you need, but more than that, we have the professionalism and above-and-beyond service you need. Here are a few reasons to work with us.

No Chemicals

Chemicals used in mold removal can be kicked up in the air and can hurt your indoor air quality. That’s why we never use chemicals in our mold remediation and only use safe amounts of approved chemicals in 2% of cases after remediation and cleaning to remove a mold stain. We’ll always let you know beforehand.

Open Book

You won’t find high-pressure sales tactics or hidden catches here. We remain honest and transparent from the beginning to the end of the project.

Mold Nerds

We’re passionate about mold, which means we’re constantly striving to know everything we can about it. When new information about mold and mold removal comes to light, we’re right there. That makes us experts when we come to your home to work on your project.

Clean and Professional

Mold remediation is a detail-oriented project. The area has to be thoroughly cleaned before we leave, and that’s what we do. We have a team of neat freaks and a team that’s committed to professionalism when it comes to your home.

Certified Technicians

We keep all of our mold technicians up to date on all of their training and certifications, so you get the best of the best for your home.

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96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

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