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Effective and Thorough Mold Remediation in Springfield, VA

No homeowner wants to see mold in their Springfield, VA home…especially because by the time you see it; it’s already a big problem. When you need peace of mind, it helps to have experts on the job, someone who can not only spot your mold problem early on but can get rid of the mold effectively and accurately, so you’re not left with the same problem again. For that, homeowners in Springfield can turn to Valor Mold.

Mold Removal is Not Mold Remediation

Mold removal is a process in which the mold technicians simply go in an attempt to get rid of the mold, but often in the process, mold spores get kicked up and end up somewhere else in the house. No sooner do the mold technicians leave than homeowners find evidence of mold in their homes again. That is not mold remediation and not a lasting fix for your home’s mold problems. If your mold remediator doesn’t secure the area and clean the air before the job is done, it’s not worth the money.

Valor Mold Has a Trusted Process For Mold Remediation in Springfield, VA

We want to protect your home, including your indoor air quality. That’s why we’re so careful and precise when it comes to our mold remediation. Here are the steps in our process:

First, we contain the area infected by mold. That way, as we go forward with our mold remediation, no mold spores will be kicked up and displaced to other parts of your home.

The air filtration machine we use works first as a negative air machine to choke the mold and then as an air scrubber to clear the air of any remaining particles.

Carpet, drywall, and insulation touched by mold have to be taken out and replaced. From there, the wall has to be sanded and blasted in order to be sure that no traces of mold remain.
We use a HEPA vacuum to clean the walls, ceiling, and floors. From there, we wipe down ducts, door and window frames, baseboards, and pipes with a damp cloth. We use Cleanroom standards for every step, the same standards NASA uses to ensure a room is safe enough to build a satellite.

Finally, we’ll replace — or have a trusted home improvement partner replace — any carpet, drywall, or insulation that needs to be replaced and clean up the workspace before we head out.

Why Choose Valor Mold for Mold Remediation in Springfield, VA

In the time we’ve been in business — over 15 years — we’ve served 300+ happy customers in Springfield and beyond. These customers trust us to get rid of their mold well the first time, and to hold to these standards every time.

No Chemicals

In about 2% of cases — we will use certain chemicals after remediation. These chemicals will be used to remove mold stains or protect wood from taking in mold. However, we never use any chemicals in our remediation process.

Open Book

We won’t try to trip you up with fine print. We’re communicative, honest, and transparent at every step.

We Are Obsessed With Mold

We’re nerds when it comes to mold, enthusiastic and obsessive. We’re always striving to learn more, and it’s made us nationwide authorities on the subject.

Clean Freaks

We know it’s not just about mold. Your air needs to be scrubbed after the job is done, and the site needs to be cleared. At Valor Mold, we’ll leave the site cleaner than we found it.

Certified Technicians

Our team constantly stays up to date on their certifications so they can remain the best of the best in mold remediation.

Other Valor Mold Services in Springfield, VA

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96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

300+ Happy Clients

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