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Mold Remediation That Protects Your Sterling, VA Home

When you have a mold problem, you’ll likely hear all about mold removal. At Valor Mold, we offer something more than mold removal; we offer mold remediation. The goal of mold remediation is to safely and effectively lower airborne mold levels in your home to expected levels and then clean the parts of the home contaminated by mold. It’s safe and effective, especially through the process that Valor Mold uses on our customers in Sterling, VA, and beyond.

How Mold Technicians Can Mess Up Mold Removal in Sterling, VA

It’s important to hire mold technicians you can trust for mold removal or mold remediation in Sterling, VA. Though you can find many mold technicians in the area, not all of them offer the same level of quality in your home. If a mold technician does not contain the area first, they might kick up mold spores in the process of “removing them,” thus causing them to spread throughout your home. Others use harsh chemicals to get rid of mold quickly, but those chemicals can be harmful to breathe in, as well. It’s also important that they clean up after themselves before leaving, especially with something as serious as mold.

Valor Mold Has a Trusted and Perfected Mold Remediation Process

We treat your home with care when we perform our Sterling, VA mold remediations. That means we’ll remove the mold with 96% accuracy while still protecting your home from harsh chemicals or mold being kicked up and distributing them throughout the house. Our process has been tested and perfected over 15 years in business. The steps include:
First things first, we’ll contain the mold-infected area. This way, when we begin removing the mold, we won’t kick up any mold spores to the rest of your home.
Our mold filtration device works first as a negative air machine to choke the mold and then as an air scrubber to clean the area.
Once the mold is contained and choked, we’ll remove the contaminated drywall, flooring, ceiling tiles, etc.
We’re incredibly thorough in our cleaning process. We’ll use a HEPA vacuum, microfiber cloths, and a keen eye. However, we still won’t use chemicals throughout the entire process.
If your drywall or flooring needs to be replaced, we’ll replace it or put you in touch with one of our home improvement partners who can do this for you.

Why Work With Valor Mold For Sterling, VA Mold Remediations?

Ready to join the 300+ happy customers Valor Mold has served through our mold testing and remediations? We’re an expert mold remediation company that has your back through a stressful time for homeowners. Here are a few reasons to choose us:

No Chemicals

No chemicals during our mold remediations, guaranteed. In 2% of cases, we may use mild, approved chemicals to remove a mold stain after the mold remediation. However, you will always know about this beforehand. 

Open Book

You deserve honesty from your mold technicians. We remain open and transparent with our customers, from our pricing to our mold tests and eventual mold remediations.

We are obsessed with Mold

We’re nerds about mold, and it’s made our expertise nationally respected. Despite the amount we already know about mold, we’re always open to learning more.

Clean Freaks

We want to leave your home as clean as possible, so when we clean up, we use Cleanroom standards — the same standards by NASA to determine if a room is clean enough to build a satellite — to ensure we don’t miss anything.

Certified Technicians

Our certified mold technicians are some of the best of the best, and we certify them “through the teeth” to ensure they stay that way.

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Get Rid of Mold For Good With a Mold Remediation in Sterling, VA

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96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

300+ Happy Clients

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