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If your home is displaying signs of mold and you need mold testing in Vienna, VA, your best bet is to work with Valor Mold Removal. We are the region’s premier mold remediation contractor. We also specialize in controlling indoor moisture.

Mold testing is important because it identifies when your home is facing a mold infestation. Mold is not only costly and difficult to remove once it has taken hold, but it can have negative health outcomes for those who are exposed.

Our certified technicians are among the finest in the industry. We are card-carrying “mold nerds” who enjoy studying mold to learn the most effective ways to combat it. We also devote our time to acquiring and mastering the latest anti-mold technology. That is why we are so good at what we do.

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We Offer Proven Results In Vienna, VA
For Mold Testing Service

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Proven Mold Testing Services

We offer mold testing services for your home, retail, industrial, or commercial building. Our goal is to help you identify the presence of mold, determine how widespread it is, and—if necessary—help you eliminate it. We are proven experts with the skills and experience to remove mold entirely.

Our ability to test for mold is instant and accurate, and we charge less than any other contractor in the area. Moreover, we have the know-how you need to remove the infestation from your home or building.

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Worker In Mask And Protective Suit Testing For Mold

Valor Mold’s Commitment To Your Satisfaction

We Offer Exceptional Service And Workmanship
Along With Successful Outcomes

Chemical-Free Service

Instead of using harsh chemicals to remove mold from your home, we accomplish it the old-fashioned way: with hard work and elbow grease. That way, you are not exposed to toxic substances, and we do not risk polluting the local environment, soil, or groundwater. You and your family can enjoy a safer, mold-free life.

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We Offer Considerable Experience

We have many years of experience performing mold testing and mold removal projects throughout the region. We hire only the most competent, highly-trained, and enthusiastic mold technicians. That means you receive the expert service and results you want to protect your home and your family’s health.

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We Are Well-Known For Our Fairness And Honesty

In addition to providing thorough work and successful outcomes, we are renowned for our fair business practices and integrity. Our prices are fair, final, and upfront. We answer questions honestly and abide by our commitment to your satisfaction. We treat every client as if they were family.

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Valor Mold Removal Vienna, VA Customer Reviews

What Our Previous Clients Have To Say

“Valor Mold is a really good contractor to use, especially if you are dealing with a tough situation. Their pricing structure is very clear upfront – they go through great pains to make sure you understand exactly what you can expect out of them and what you will be paying for their services. The techs were professional at every turn and respectful of our house and belongings. They took care of our problems. I highly recommend Valor for mold remediation.”
– Rick Z.

“PRIOR to connecting with VALOR MOLD, we contacted another company. The owner forgot about the appointment, then showed up several hours late, and never got back to us. That was a blessing in disguise! We then contacted VALOR MOLD in Springfield, VA. What a difference. From our initial phone contact to the final inspection, we interacted with multiple quality experts — office staff and a 3-person mold remediation team– for the final inspection. Their detailed written contract covered all bases, and they were willing to make some minor changes for our comfort. They put up special materials to confine mold spores. They used state-of-the-art materials before, during, and for the final inspection. They handled coordination with a separate company to perform air duct cleaning. All of our phone calls — several after normal business hours — were answered by a live person who responded to our concerns. The owner, David, is a first-class mold expert and takes his job seriously. We appreciate all their efforts in resolving this problem. If we ever have another mold issue — fingers crossed this never happens — we would not hesitate to call upon VALOR MOLD.”
– Becca L.

“Valor Mold did a terrific job. The end result is no mold, and the awful smell that accompanies it is gone. They were on time and professional, each lead tech communicating at the start and end of each day where the project and progress stood. I will use them again.”.
Whatcy S.

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Questions Vienna, VA Homeowners
Have About Valor Mold Removal

Q: Why Choose Valor Mold Removal For Mold Testing?

A: We have many years of experience. We have the expertise you need for assurance and confidence in your results. We invest in the most cutting-edge technology to be certain our results are swift, accurate, and informative.

Q: What Will My Mold Testing Job Cost?

A: A: Our mold testing prices are the best in the region. We offer whole-house service for only $650. Our competitors may charge two to three times that amount. However, because of our skilled technicians and advanced testing machines, we can perform the task quickly and minimize labor costs.

Q: How Long Will My Project Take?

A: The length it takes to complete a mold testing session varies, but most can be completed within an afternoon. Mold removal, moisture control, and crawl-space encapsulation may take longer, but we pride ourselves on prompt service and fast results.