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When you seek soda blasting services in Vienna, VA, you can trust Valor Mold Removal, which is the premier provider in the Northern VA, Southern MD, and Washington, D.C. area. We have been serving the region with full-service mold removal services for years. During that time, we have accrued a lot of expertise and experience.

Our proven soda blasting techniques remove mold from affected wood and from tight spaces. It is less expensive and less time-consuming than the use of sanding or wire brushing. It is similar to sandblasting, but it uses baking soda instead of sand as the blasting medium. Its light texture does less damage to the blasted surface.

We provide fast, thorough service and successful outcomes. We eliminate mold and stains without causing the affected surface to pit.

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Soda Blasting

Our soda blasting service is ideal for large areas affected by mold, where it might be cost- or time-prohibitive to address the problem with a wire brush or sandpaper. The process is quick, thorough, and affordable.

It takes only 1/5 the amount of time that sanding does and costs only a quarter as much. It eliminates 99.6% of all mold and returns the wood to its original state. It is the best choice for tight or hard-to-reach spaces, and it does not damage the wood surface at all. It merely strips it of mold, stains, and unwanted paint.

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Why Work With Valor Mold Removal In Vienna, VA

We Are Mold Experts Committed To Your Satisfaction

Our Mold Experts Are Friendly and Skilled

We hire only the most talented and experienced applicants. Then, we teach them our meticulous soda blasting and mold removal methods. Our team of experts is skilled, certified, helpful, and excited about satisfying customer needs.

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We Don’t Use Harsh Or Toxic Chemicals

Soda blasting does not utilize harsh chemicals that might harm the environment or upset the local ecosystem. The blasting medium is a bicarbonate of soda.
This is just an electrolyte form of carbon dioxide that does not contaminate rivers, lakes, or topsoil. Our other mold removal techniques do not rely on toxic methods, either.

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We Are The Area’s Mold Experts

We are renowned around the Northern VA, Southern MD, and Washington, D.C. area for our vast knowledge and understanding of mold. We understand how it spreads, how to eliminate it, and how to keep it from coming back. Our results speak for themselves. We boast a 96% success rate in mold remediation.

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Reviews By Customers of Valor Mold Removal

What Vienna, VA, Homeowners Have To Say

“David is incredibly knowledgeable and gave a very thorough recommendation and estimate. Lois was very helpful in moving us through the process, and the remediation job was on time, on budget, and well done. Despite the disappointment and frustration of finding mold in our house, Valor made the remediation experience comfortable and reassuring. Recommended! Service: Mold cleaning.”
-Eric Terpstra

“We could not be more pleased with the entire Soda Blasting process with Valor Mold – from start to finish. David was thorough in the beginning, explaining the nature of mold, how it is remediated, why Valor is different in its approach, and the specific process they use to ensure the mold is removed in a complete and safe manner. Contract negotiations were easy and straightforward. Once the job started, it was a great experience. The team of workers, led by Savi, was punctual, professional, and highly communicative. Each morning, we’d get a call or text about their arrival time. They give us a heads up when leaving for lunch and when leaving for the day, and we’d also get an update on progress, any issues, and what they forecasted. They were helpful in talking through the timing of work, when it was likely to finish, and coordinating with both an outside tester and our contractor who did the rebuild afterward. Mold is highly complex to understand on a scientific and granular level – and we were warned that many companies that claim to do remediation don’t do a thorough job – so you can end up losing money and still have persistent mold issues. It put us at ease to know that the work being done by Valor Mold was comprehensive and thorough. We were thrilled that when we had the area re-tested by a 3rd party tester, the results came back normal. We would highly recommend Valor Mold! Service: Soda Blasting.”
-Kate Liias

“David, the owner, knows more about mold and mold removal than anyone else you will find in the industry in the D.C. Area. Our home went through FIVE rounds of remediation with two other contractors before we found David and Valor Mold. We were still having problems, and David was the first person I talked to who really understood what was going on. (And I talked to many other companies besides the two who worked on our home before I found David.) He came out to our home to assess it, and I had multiple conversations with him on the phone, discussing our options. These were not short conversations, and David was very generous with his time. He never pushed me to perform any expensive remediation work with him and, in fact, talked me out of some of the options I was considering. In the end, based on my conversations with David, we opted for a solution other than further Soda Blasting, so I never ended up using his services. That said, if I could do it over again, I would hands-down go with Valor Mold.”
-Eric Green

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Common Questions Vienna, VA, Homeowners
Ask About Valor Mold Removal

Q: Do You Have A Gallery Of Successful Project Photos?

A: Yes. We are happy to share before-and-after photos of our work. We are rightfully proud of our track record with customers and have documented many projects. Please visit our photo gallery to learn more about our results.

Q: How Long Does Soda Blasting Take?

A: Every project we do is different. However, soda blasting normally takes between a day and a week to complete. Once we have inspected your home or business and have determined the scope of the mold infestation, we will give you a cost estimate and a projected completion date for your project.

Q: What Services Do You Offer?

A: We offer a variety of services related to mold removal, including soda blasting, mold testing, moisture control, and air quality cleaning. Our mission is to help you keep your dwelling safe, comfortable, and free of mold. Learn more about what we offer on our Services Page.