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Is your Washington DC home dealing with moisture and humidity issues that you believe might involve mold? Don’t worry. Simply reach out, contact Valor Mold Removal, and we’ll get everything addressed as quickly as humanly possible. 

We own just one of 70 machines worldwide that can test for mold with zero margin for error. Not only that, but we do it at the lowest price!

On this page, you can learn more about who we are, everything we offer in the Washington DC area, and why we’ve proven ourselves to have mastered the best, highest-value mold removal process.

Why Valor Mold Removal Is The Area’s Best

Chemical-Free Mold Remediation

Frankly, we live in a world where far too many people believe industrial chemicals are the answer for every pain that ails you. For some things, sure. But when it comes to mold, chemicals just don’t work like folks assume they do. 

They aren’t effective at removing mold from living spaces. And to make matters worse, along with being poor at getting rid of the danger, they can actually add to the toxicity you’re dealing with. 

While industry norms perform poorly, our better-health-promoting and chemical-free remediation approach boasts a 96% success rate.

Honesty & Transparency At Every Turn

We run our business on a strict policy of honesty. From the ground up — and from management to technicians to customer reps — Honesty is Hardwired into our DNA.

We’re Your Local Mold-Removal Nerds

To save time, we’ll spare all the interviews we’ve done, presentations we’ve conducted, local news channel segments, national magazine appearances, etc. for later… and just assure you we’re your local Mold-Removal Nerds. You probably didn’t hang out with kids like us in high school, but we can handle your mold problems!

Talented, Certified & Seasoned

Simply put, our Certified Technicians are genuinely top notch in the field of mold testing, inspection and remediation — experienced, talented, and we’ve earned an excellent reputation one client at a time.

Absolutely Thorough Cleaning Process

While it’s true our Cleaning Process will take longer than many other Washington DC mold remediators, we believe you’ll agree it’s worth it. Every inch of the impacted area will be cleaned to the finest detail, without exception. Period.

Our Core Washington DC Mold Services

Just say the word, and we’ll happily come out and test your property for mold to answer your questions without any chance of error. Visit our Mold Testing page for more info.

A: Using a specially-engineered tool called the InstaScope, we’re able to combine technician skill and experience with accurate machine readings.

A: Standard methods of testing take a long time and estimations that are prone to human error. Our tests are instant and allow zero room for inaccuracies or guesstimations.

A: The area-wide costs can range from as low as $600 to as high as $3,000 depending on certain variables. Our mold testing comes at a $650 flat rate because we’ve reduced associated costs. Visit our Mold Testing Prices page for more information.

Now that you know Valor Mold uses chemical-free processes with an almost perfect rate of success (96% vs. the average 65%), if there’s anymore doubt in your mind we’re the ideal option, please visit our Mold Remediation page for more info.

A: Because of the nature of mold itself. It’s EXTREMELY difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Typically, chemicals are a waste of money, resources, and bring on more risk than necessary.

A: Chemicals are ineffective because dead mold is just as dangerous as living mold. Our process approaches mold through a combination of elite cleaning, intense HEPA vacuuming, proper containment, and a strategic plan of action.

A: In our area, the range of Mold Remediation Prices is roughly $800-$8,000 for a 10X10 room, depending on a large number of variables technicians must account for. We, on the other hand, charge a simple flat rate of $2,799 for a 100sqft room.

Our Other Mold & Moisture Services For Washington DC

Soda Blasting

If you’ve never heard of soda blasting, it involves high-tech machinery and sodium bicarbonate to non-invasively blast mold off surfaces such as wood.

Air Quality Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is becoming more, and more, and more important with each passing year. If you need your home’s air cleaned, we can help.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Whether you have a mold problem or not, if you would like to have your crawl space encapsulated and protected from moisture/mold, our process ensures everything stays dry over the long haul.

Moisture & Humidity Control

We can get the moisture and humidity levels in your home completely under control with popular and competitively-priced options.

What Valor Mold Removal Clients Are Saying…

“Our experience with Valor Mold Removal has been truly exceptional. We initially hired another company to remediate our second bedroom, and they left the room in worse condition than before they arrived. They used harsh chemicals, opened our windows and ran an air scrubber, blowing mold particles around our room and coating all of our belongings. The mold remediation industry is highly unregulated and, as a result, we ended up with a room that was making us sicker by the day—until we called Valor Mold.

Valor Mold is the real deal. The level of expertise and understanding that Valor's ENTIRE team (from the owner David, to the inspector Teddy, to the technician Ronnel, to the office manager Lois) was unbelievable.

Each member of the team was incredibly patient and answered every single question we had about the process, how mold works, and how to fix it. They were available day and night for calls, responded to emails promptly, and they showed us that they are the best in the business. There were so many moving parts to our job and coordinating with Lois was not only easy, but she gave us the comfort and confidence that not only was our job important to them but that they were on top of it.

Valor gave us a crash course in mold and remediation and showed us just how our home ended up getting botched by the other contractor, and most importantly, how they could fix it. When Ronnel's team came in to do our remediation, they were courteous and showed a level of respect for our home that was unmatched.

What really impressed us most, was at one point the team noticed an issue where there might be more mold hidden in our attic. Rather than just ignoring it and finishing the project, they stopped immediately, called the owner, David, and had him come out to take a look. Fortunately, it was not an issue, but that just goes to show how much Valor cares about their customers. Valor corrected the underlying mold issues that were in our second bedroom, as well as fixing the problems that were caused by our first chemical remediator. Even though our job was smaller than others that Valor undertakes, to keep our project on deadline, the owner personally came out and completed the final stages of remediation and cleaning himself. It doesn't get any better than that.

We can say without hesitation that Valor Mold is the BEST mold remediator in the DMV by far. If you are on the fence about who to hire, take our word for it—hire Valor Mold Removal.”
Weston C.

Why Choose Us

We remove mold the right way… and it would be an honor to hear from you.

96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

Your home is in the best hands—our chemical-free remediation has the highest success rate in the industry.

Instant Mold Testing

Instant Mold Testing

You get the answers you need—our special mold testing provides 99% accurate results on the spot.

300+ Happy Clients

300+ Happy Clients

You can trust our process—we’ve performed over 300 successful projects since we opened in 2006.

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