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The quality of your home’s indoor air is important. For one thing, clean air increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body, which lowers heart rate and blood pressure, boosts immunity, and relieves stress. Furthermore, air polluted by mold, dust, or bacteria can spread disease and cause illnesses like sneezing, coughing, and respiratory problems.
This is why indoor air quality cleaning in Washington, D.C., is so important. There are 8 major indoor air pollutants: lead, mold, dust mites, pollen, fire retardants, plastics, pesticides, and carcinogens emitted during cooking. Some of these are likely in your home as you read this. But keep reading to learn how Valor Mold can help you.

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Valor Mold Offers Exceptional Air Quality Cleaning
Services To Washington, D.C. Customers

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Air Quality Cleaning

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Indoor air quality cleaning requires many of the same skills and techniques that mold remediation does. These include extreme HEPA vacuuming. High Energy Particulate Air cleaning removes 99.9% of all particulates that are 0.3 microns across or larger. Thus, only the tiniest particles remain.
The next step is air scrubbing, which uses a high-powered air purifier. It removes dander, pollen, VOC, and microorganisms from the air. Finally, we eliminate sources of excess moisture and address excess humidity that could make a home uncomfortable or collect as condensation on windows, mirrors, and other surfaces.

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Why Choose Valor Mold In Washington, D.C.?

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#1: We Are Mold Experts

We are mold’s worst enemy. We study it. We obsess over it. We learn how it spreads, how it can affect you, and how we can best remediate it. We never stop searching for improvements in mold removal and air cleaning technology. We constantly seek the most effective methods and proven data to bring about successful outcomes.

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#2: Our Technicians Are Skilled, Experienced, And Friendly

We hire only the most skilled, highly-trained, and passionate candidates. We teach them our meticulous methods and help them embrace a strong desire for your satisfaction. You might be shocked at how helpful, responsive, and friendly they are when they address your project.

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#3: We Don’t Use Chemicals

When performing mold remedial as part of our air quality cleaning service, we do not utilize dangerous chemicals. This could actually worsen the quality of your indoor air, which contradicts our mission. Rather, we clean the environment using hard work and proper vacuuming and scrubbing techniques.

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Valor Mold’s Incredible Client Reviews

What Our Clients Say About Us

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“Simply put, Joey and Kristyn were outstanding. They worked so hard and were nothing short of meticulous, conscientious, considerate, friendly, professional, and probably a dozen more positive adjectives that escape me at the moment!.”

“Valor Mold covered every square inch of my fully finished basement with plastic, complete with barrier walls, zippered doors, and decontaminant areas, using negative air pressure. Removal of contaminated drywall and insulation was very methodical and disposed of in duct-taped heavy-duty trash bags. Foundation walls and framing that could be salvaged were sand-blasted instead of chemically treated, fully removing the mold. Once all the contaminated materials were removed, air scrubbers were used to clean the air prior to removing the containment areas.”

“It was great to have [Valor Mold Removal] here. The team was careful and diligent. They really put in a tremendous effort to get the hardwood off of the slab.”

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Questions Washington, D.C. Customers
Ask About Valor Mold

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Q: Do You Offer Financing?

A: Air quality cleaning is often not an expense that most homeowners plan for, so it might upend your budget. Because of this, we offer financing for those who qualify. You may pay as little as $46 per month. Depending on your credit score and the plan you choose, interest and payment amounts may vary. Learn more on our financing page.

Q: Are You Certified?

A: Yes, we are licensed and accredited, possessing more certifications than any other mold removal service in the Northern VA, Southern MD, and Washington DC area.
As one example, we boast CMRS accreditation from the American Council for Accredited Certification as a Certified Mold Remediation Supervisor. We are also certified as Mold Removal Specialists by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, And Restoration (IICRC).