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Providing Washington D.C. Homeowners
With Thorough Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections Are The First Step
Towards Total Mold Remediation

Is your house starting to smell musty? Are you developing frequent sinus problems? Well, a thorough mold inspection of your home may be in order! Washington D.C. homeowners know the importance of keeping a clean home, but the real issues lie where you cannot see or easily clean.
While a mold inspection is just the first step of total remediation, it is arguably the most important step! 
Without a mold inspection of your entire home, you may be living with toxic amounts of airborne mold spores without even knowing it.
Mold can grow from a seemingly endless list of sources, although we know exactly what to look for in order to stop growth altogether.
Are you ready to find out once and for all if your home has a mold problem?
Providing Washington D.C. Homeowners With Thorough Mold Inspections

How Our Mold Inspections Work For
Washington D.C. Homeowners

If there are visible mold growths in one or more areas of the home, a mold inspection is generally not needed. Mold inspections are designed to test a home for the presence of mold once the homeowner becomes suspicious, starts to notice other signs of mold, or for liability purposes.
Once you have decided it’s time to have a mold inspection done on your home, the mold nerds get straight to work!
Our highly-trained team will turn your house over from top to bottom to investigate every nook and cranny for any signs of mold. If we find traces of mold, we then define the rough size of the infected area. It’s this determination that will decide how we move forward with the remediation process.
Because mold poses many serious health risks, all mold growths over 10 square feet should be left to certified professionals to ensure proper extraction and cleaning. 
“If I could give 100 stars, I would! My husband and I are both highly impressed and completely satisfied with their work. The time they took to explain every action, constant communication, expertise, kindness, and above all, thoroughness to remove the widespread toxic mold, as well as demoing and cleaning the recreation room and laundry room in our basement! Do not waste your time looking for any other company, if you want the job done right. If you want a clean, healthy house or other building, hire Valor Mold Removal.”
Sondra H.

Why Washington D.C Homeowners Should Choose
Us For Their Mold Inspections

We know Washington D.C. homeowners have many choices when it comes to mold remediation services; that’s why we knew we had to be the absolute best in order to stand out against the crowd.
Unfortunately, In the state of Virginia, it is very easy for just anyone to become “certified” as a mold removal company. Doing your due diligence on who’s the real deal and who’s just another guy with a toolbox will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.
Not only do we provide extensive in-house training, but we also drill a very specific set of core company values into each of our team members to ensure utmost quality every step of the way:

Open-Book Honesty

Instead of upselling customers on services or products they don’t really need, we keep it real with our clients. We never exaggerate a home’s mold problem just for an extra payday.

Clean Freaks

We obsess over our cleaning methods so Washington D.C. homeowners don’t have to. Cleaning and removing mold is absolutely imperative in preventing mold growths from resurfacing.

No Chemicals

During our extremely thorough cleaning process, we use absolutely zero chemicals. Contrary to popular belief, mold can and should be removed without the use of chemicals. It’s a waste of time and poses additional health risks.

Mold’s Worst Enemy

When the mold nerds are on the case, no patches of mold are safe! We love what we do, and there’s no question about that. From state-of-the-art technology to next-level advancements in remediation services, we geek out over it all.

Certified Technicians

Paying our technicians significantly higher wages than the competition allows us to formulate a responsible and professional team. We thoroughly vet each of our potential employees to ensure they are the perfect fit for our company and our core values.

Signs That Washington D.C. Homeowners Should
Schedule A Mold Inspection Today

Deciding on the best time to schedule a mold inspection can be a bit more complicated than just waiting until homeowners start to see patches of mold growing in one or more areas of the home. Home inspections are a great way to rule out other contributing factors for illnesses, damages, and strange smells or appearances around the home.
Here are a few other key times that Washington D.C. homeowners should consider scheduling a mold inspection today:
  • Buying Or Selling A Home: Having a mold inspection done before moving into a new home will ensure the environment is safe for loved ones. It’s a great selling point to boast that a house is mold-free, and it could even help raise the value of the home in question. 
  • About To Have A Child: Newborn babies are extremely susceptible to developing symptoms related to mold exposure. Mold inspections should be taken extremely seriously upon welcoming a newborn into the family to avoid serious health risks. 
  • Frequent Sinus Related Problems: Chronic sinus problems, congestion, and itchy eyes are frequent symptoms of mold exposure. A thorough mold inspection will help rule out contributing factors or outline the level of harmful mold spores in the home. 
  • After Water Or Fire Damage: Moisture is the #1 food for mold; it can’t get enough. The risk of developing mold growths rises significantly after water or fire damage. Even if you think your home has been repaired back to tip-top shape, a mold inspection will ensure there are no hidden dangers still lurking out of sight.  
  • Visiting An Unoccupied Home After A Long Period Of Time: Mice and other critters aren’t the only unwelcome guests homeowners have to worry about when leaving a home or vacation getaway unoccupied for parts of the year. Scheduling a mold inspection before returning will ensure a comfortable and safe living environment, the last thing that should be on your mind while on vacation. 
“In my 25-plus years in the environmental consulting and industrial hygiene industry, I have been involved in thousands of mold remediation projects, and Valor Mold Removal is by far one of the best remediation contractors that we have seen. If me or my family ever needed to hire a mold remediation contractor, Valor Mold Removal would be the first company that we would contact.”
Paul B.

A Clean, Safe Home Is Just A Phone Call Away;
Schedule Your Mold Inspection Today!

When Washington D.C. homeowners want a reliable, honest, and effective mold remediation team, they choose Valor Mold! Our impeccable reputation combined with one-of-a-kind business practices has helped catapult us into the position we are today.
We strive to better our communities by providing safe, inhabitable homes for all Washington D.C. and Northern VA residents. At Valor Mold, no mold job is too big or too small!
Whether it be one room or an entire house, our highly experienced team can do it all. 
Are you a Washington D.C. homeowner looking to schedule a mold inspection today? Give the mold geeks a call today! We can be reached at our Springfield office at (703) 897-7121 Monday-Friday or by visiting our website today. 

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96% Success Rate

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