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Expert Mold Removal Specialists Serving
Washington D.C. Homeowners

Proper Mold Removal Is Critical In Preventing Regrowth

Finding mold growing in the home can be quite unsettling for most Washington D.C. homeowners, and we don’t blame them. Mold removal and remediation can be an expensive process, not to mention intrusive to the home! 
Far too often mold remediators cut corners during the mold removal phase which basically renders their services pointless and requires an additional company to come in and fix the problem.
In order for mold to stop growing back, it must be properly removed. Period.
On top of that, mold is a time game and must be eradicated as quickly as possible to avoid further growths from appearing around the home.
Lucky for homeowners that live in Washington D.C., our certified technicians here at Valor Mold are on the case. 
Expert Mold Removal Specialists Serving Washington D.C. Homeowners

We Eradicate Mold The Old Fashioned Way…Elbow Grease!

The mold removal phase of our 5-step remediation process is typically the most time-consuming part. And for good reason! Mold can easily find its way into countless porous surfaces, which means we have to go over every inch with a fine-tooth comb; well, in this case, wire-brushed, sanded, or soda blasted.
It’s during this phase that the demolition may occur. Any porous surfaces that cannot be cleaned spotless of mold will need to be completely removed from the house while the porous surfaces that can be cleaned will be reinstalled in the home. This can save homeowners thousands of dollars by not just throwing away every single thing in an attic or crawlspace, for example.
We get on our hands and knees and scrub each surface in the containment zone without using any chemicals. That’s right, zero chemicals
That means your pets, kids, and loved ones are safe from harmful fumes and chemicals during our mold removal process.
“I am an air duct cleaning contractor and I often get to see mold remediation companies working in the homes I visit. I have seen the work of many other mold remediation companies and I can say without a doubt that Valor does the most thorough service and takes the time to build the best containment to avoid the spread of mold spores.”
Giuliano C.

The Importance Of Mold Removal For
Washington D.C. Homeowners

One of the biggest misconceptions that Washington D.C. homeowners have is that they can easily “remove” mold by spraying it with bleach and moving on with the rest of their day. This couldn’t be more wrong!
You know how bleach turns white shirts white, the same goes for mold. Bleach hides the appearance of mold but does nothing to actually remove it.
Dead mold spores and growths pose exactly the same health risks as live spores and growths. Even if you have killed the growths, proper removal will ensure all harmful spores are gone. Additionally, dead mold spores that are not removed can quickly regrow in staggering numbers.
Mold poses serious health risks for people with autoimmune deficiencies, allergies, asthma, respiratory diseases, and people with a poor immune system such as newborns and the elderly.
Dead and live mold spores can cause homeowners to develop chronic headaches, congestion, respiratory struggles, itchy eyes, and so much more.
If you are seeking a healthy and comfortable lifestyle for you and your loved ones, proper mold removal is absolutely imperative.

The Most Effective Mold Removal Process
For Washington D.C. Homeowners

There’s a reason we have a 99.9% effectiveness rate, persistence! We are the absolute best at what we do because we never walk away from a job site until the house in question is completely mold-free, something very few mold contractors can honestly say.
We operate on an open-book honesty policy with our customers, it has earned us many jobs, and it has lost us just as many throughout our lifetime. Although we tell people the hard news they don’t typically want to hear, we know it is the only way to conduct a moral and responsible business.
We are so effective at our jobs because it is truly our passion. People call us the mold nerds, and it’s a term that has become increasingly endearing in our organization. Because it’s true!
We obsess over every small detail inside and out during a mold remediation project, something that Washington D.C. homeowners have come to love about us. If you are looking for a mold remediation company that adds steps instead of skipping them, Valor Mold is the answer.
“Had a great experience with Valor Mold Removal. They were very responsive and super quick with scheduling. The team that came to do the job was very professional. Would highly recommend.”
Justin A.

Washington D.C. Homeowners With Mold In The Home,
Call The Mold Removal Savants Today!

As we mentioned before, catching and eradicating mold is a time game and should be taken extremely seriously to avoid further damage. While mold can grow from a number of sources, it’s safe to say that moisture is the biggest contributing factor.
Limiting the amount of humidity within the home will help slow down the growth of mold and prevent mold growths from coming back after remediation
If you are positive you have mold in your home a mold test is generally not needed and we will get straight to the removal process.
Are you ready to start eradicating mold from your home in the Washington D.C. area? Give the mold experts a call! We can be reached at our Springfield office Monday-Friday by calling (703) 897-7121  or by contacting us today, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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