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Washington D.C. Homeowners’ #1 Choice
For Mold Testing

Ensuring Healthy Living Spaces, One Home At A Time

Washington D.C. homeowners who are experiencing medical symptoms related to mold or have a sneaking suspicion of mold growths in the home can benefit greatly from having a mold test performed on their house.
Thousands of VA homeowners have their homes tested for mold for one reason or another, but nothing compares to the revolutionary testing system we utilize here at Valor Mold.
Mold testing is only recommended if there are no visible growths in the home or post-remediation to ensure mold has not regrown. Generally speaking, once mold becomes visible the problem has escalated to a degree that can only be remediated by experienced professionals. 
Let’s highlight the main reasons Washington D.C. homeowners should schedule a mold test today!
Providing Washington D.C. Homeowners’ #1 Choice For Mold Testing

Instant On-The-Spot Test Results For
Washington D.C. Homeowners

When it comes to testing homes for mold in the Washington D.C. area, nothing compares to our state-of-the-art InstaScope® mold tests. In fact, InstaScope® tests boast a 99.9% accuracy rating, substantially higher than all competing mold tests.
While Instascope® was originally invented by the UK Ministry Of Defense in response to the horrific attacks that occurred on 9/11, top mold companies in the world have found an additional use for this impressive technology.
InstaScope® works by collecting air samples of indoor and outdoor airborne mold spores and instantly breaking down the DNA sequence of those particles to clearly identify the type of mold present in the home. Because every type of mold is different and therefore acts differently, identifying the exact species of mold is imperative in remediation.
Not only will InstaScope® identify the species of mold, but this test will also outline the severity of mold within the home. This test of the entire home can be completed with results in roughly an hour.
“I would give Valor 6 stars if I could! Every single person from Valor that I communicated with was fantastic. It is a family-run business, and they truly care about their customers. In this crazy time when so many companies have let customer service fall to the wayside, Valor went above and beyond to educate, reassure, and update me throughout the process.”
Anne K.

Affordable Mold Testing For Washington D.C. Homeowners

Finding a reputable mold company to test your home without breaking the bank can be quite tricky in the Washington D.C. and Northern VA areas. While other mold removal companies clearly state one price only to later raise the price upon completion, we take a different approach.
We test your home for an affordable flat rate of $650 for up to 15 rooms! Most homes in the United States have between 8-10 rooms on average, easily falling into our flat-rate premium.
Typically, mold removal companies nickel and dime their customers for each and every room tested. Our technology allows us to be faster, more accurate, and, above all, affordable for the everyday person.
We are not only the absolute best when it comes to mold testing and removal, but we are also the cheapest!

The Real Reason Why Washington D.C. Homeowners
Choose Us For Mold Testing

When mold has become a concern for Washington D.C. homeowners, Valor Mold is who they turn to. We have built our reputation in our beloved community by never settling for anything less than perfection during each and every project. And when we do make a mistake? We keep at it until the issue has been resolved to meet even the highest of expectations.
No gimmicks, no games, no back-outs.
We show up to each job site eager to help and ready to implement our company’s set of core values:

Clean Freaks

Our mold tests are the only quick thing about our mold remediation process. In fact, we take up to five times longer on average than other mold companies. Why? Because we never compromise quality for impatience.

No Chemicals

We remove mold the only way it can be removed– through good old hard work. Chemicals are extremely ineffective when it comes to eradicating mold and should never be relied on. Our cleaning process requires zero chemicals and is completely safe for Washington D.C. homes.

Open-Book Honesty

If you want a mold testing company that will tell you exactly how it is without any other motives, Valor Mold is the company for you. We treat our customers how we want to be treated, and the same goes for their homes. Even if that means we end up losing the job, we’d rather that option than flat out lie.

Certified Technicians

Not only do we hire the one-in-a-million technician we feel is capable of joining our team, but each and every technician is also required to attend countless hours of training over their career with Valor Mold. Because the world of mold removal is lawless land here in Washington D.C. and Northern VA, choosing the most qualified mold remediation is crucial.

Mold’s Worst Enemy

We genuinely nerd out over everything mold. And for our customers, that’s the best-case scenario. We utilize industry-leading technology combined with practical advancements unique to our company and its practices. Let’s just say there’s no other mold testing and removal company that can do what we do.
“Do you value your life? The lives of your family? Well, this company does! Mold is no joke, as it is an airborne threat to life that is often unseen but ever-present in our lives. From the moment David set foot in our door, you could tell he was serious about what he did. Watching him execute air quality tests and inspections was artful and professional, and you could see the dedication he puts into his work. When you are talking about something that can threaten your life, don't cut corners or take chances; Valor Mold removal won't either! Hire THESE professionals for your Mold inspection and removal. Fast, friendly, professional, courteous, and dedicated! Thank you, Valor, for keeping us safe!”
Roger F.

Ready To Schedule A Mold Test For Your Home?
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Our mold tests for Washington D.C. homeowners are readily available, affordable, and insanely accurate. What more could you ask for in a mold test? Mold can quickly spread to other areas of the home resulting in increased health risks and expensive remediation.
Getting ahead of your home’s mold problem now will save you countless headaches (literally) and hundreds if not thousands of your hard-earned dollars in the long run.
Are you ready to schedule a mold test for your home and tackle your mold problem head-on? We are here to help!
You can reach our highly-experienced team at our Springfield office by calling (703) 897-7121 Monday-Friday or by contacting us today! We are excited to hear from you. 

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96% Success Rate

96% Success Rate

Your home is in the best hands—our chemical-free remediation has the highest success rate in the industry.

Instant Mold Testing

Instant Mold Testing

You get the answers you need—our special mold testing provides 99% accurate results on the spot.

300+ Happy Clients

300+ Happy Clients

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