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Our Mold Testing Is Instant, Accurate…
AND The Lowest Price Per Room

$650 FLAT For Up To 15 Rooms.

In its 2019 Buying Guide, Angie’s List determined the national average price for mold testing is $644. That’s for a basic, no-frills service that consists of an inspector testing two rooms and “eyeballing” other areas you have concerns about.  For a top-of-the-line test from a “best of the best” mold tester with years of experience and knowledge? You’re looking at $1,500. MINIMUM.    At Valor Mold Removal, we don’t do anything the “average” way. That’s why our special whole-home mold testing costs just $650… while producing instant, 99% accurate readings. We have 1 of 70 machines in the world that utilizes groundbreaking mold-testing technology. This technology not only produces faster and better results, but it also substantially cuts down on labor and material costs on our end. When then pass those savings on to YOU.

Mold Testing Prices: Comparison

Mold testers charge anywhere from $300 to $10,000. And the least expensive competent testers will charge around $700 to $1,000. 

In its 2019 Buying Guide, Angie’s List reported the average national price for mold testing was $644. Mold testers generally charge a base fee for a limited inspection (they just look at the areas the homeowner flags) or a full inspection (they go through the whole house). Some testers include testing the air for mold in 1 to 2 rooms in their base fee, while others don’t.

Yet ALL testers charge $50 to $100 for each additional room you want to have the airborne mold spore count checked. That’s when the process starts costing you BIG bucks. Since the average 3-bed, 2-bath home has 10 rooms, you’re looking at an additional $500 to $1,000!

And make no mistake: It’s essential to get the air in your whole home tested. Testing is only worth doing if you know the full picture. Otherwise, you won’t know the true scope of how much mold you’re being exposed to.

The legwork after your appointment also adds to your fees. Why? The tester has to take time to fill out lab forms, put the samples in a box, make a trip to the post office, pay postage fees, and pay the lab-analysis fees. 

Long story short…

Due to all this overhead, mold testers must markup their prices substantially and charge homeowners like you a pretty penny to cover the expenses.

We charge a flat rate of $650 to test your ENTIRE home for mold.* We can complete the test in about 60 minutes, provide completely accurate results, and email you the report on the spot.

The reason we’re cheaper, faster, and more precise? InstaScope, our special mold-testing technology. 

We don’t have to pay lab fees or postage to have airborne samples analyzed; the InstaScope is the laboratory. As such, the InstaScope removes the expenses that come with typical mold testing. 

And while quality 3rd-party testers take half the day to comb every square inch of your home, we use the InstaScope to instantly assess any room we’re in. We only take a closer look at a room if the InstaScope flags that room as yellow (airborne mold concentrations are moderately high or red (airborne mold concentrations are significantly high).

Bottom line: You get BETTER test results… faster and at the lowest possible price. It’s win-win-win.

Discover all the details of our groundbreaking InstaScope technology on our official Mold Testing page. 

*Up to 15 rooms for $650. $30 per room after that.

Testing your entire home for mold is vital for the most accurate results. But a quality mold testing company can charge you up to $10,000 for this.

Not us.

Our InstaScope mold-testing technology allows us to sample your whole house for a flat rate of $650. Literally a fraction of the price! 

Bottom line: When it comes to mold testing, we’re the cheapest, we’re the fastest… and we’re the best. 

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96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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