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Why You Should Choose A Certified
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The World Of Mold Remediation Is A Lawless Land

Should Your Mold Remediation Contractor Be Certified?

In Virginia, Maryland, and many other states, mold remediation contractors are not required to obtain any special licenses or certifications. That’s right, anyone with access to a van and rudimentary tools could call themselves a “mold remediation specialist” when in reality, they are a giant scam.

It happens all the time!

To counteract these frauds, there are many reputable organizations all over the country that have very strict certification guidelines to ensure the utmost quality and professionalism. These organizations are the watchdogs for the mold remediation industry and consumers alike.

The bottom line is if the mold mediation contractor you are considering for the job isn’t certified, you’re best just walking away now while you still can.

How Do I Know Which Mold Certifications Are Reputable?

While there are many highly reputable organizations that take their job extremely seriously when it comes to the certification process, there are equally as many shady organizations that claim to offer certifications for barely lifting a finger. 

Only reputable certifications come from hard work, long hours of training, dedication to the craft, and a no-exceptions attitude. Paying a one-time fee or attending a virtual class doesn’t necessarily mean a mold remediation contractor is “certified.” 

The best way to identify which certifications are truly something to be proud of and which ones are just for show is by doing your own independent research. Ask your supposed mold remediation contractor for a list of their certifications and just run a quick Google search; you will find everything you need to know. 

Why Should My Mold Remediation Contractor Be Certified?

As we mentioned before, very few states require any sort of licensing or certification. When you are dealing with mold, you want the most experienced people on the job. Mold poses serious health risks to individuals of all ages and can quickly spread to other areas of the home, at which point there is no easy remedy. 

Mold remediation is a complex process involving many forms of advanced technology and procedures. Double and triple-checking that your mold remediation contractor has the proper certifications will ensure they can achieve the following: 

  • Be able to diagnose and test for mold issues in the home while offering prevention and control methods
  • Stay up to date on industry and legal regulations and standards 
  • Be able to set up an effective containment zone to prevent mold from spreading 
  • Be able to eradicate mold using various techniques, especially those that require zero chemicals
  • Be able to provide thorough remediation services post-demolition with a focus on maintaining the structural integrity of the home. 

Why You Should Choose Valor Mold For Your
Mold Remediation Services

When it comes to intense certification requirements, we love a good challenge. Since our company’s start, we have geeked out over every certification course we can get our hands-on and are extremely proud to have more reputable certifications than any other mold remediation company in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. 

The list of our certifications is ever-growing, but the ones we are most proud of include:

American Council For Accredited Certification (ACAC)

  • Certified Mold Remediation Supervisor (CMRS): Only 16% of mold remediation in the entire United States have achieved this certification. The CMRS certification is reserved for mold remediation contractors that are fully knowledgeable about all procedures, equipment, laws, and common practices. 

Institute Of Inspection Cleaning And Restoration Certification (IICRC)

  • Mold Removal Specialist (MRS): The MRS certification recognizes individuals who have the necessary skills involved in performing mold remediation services and are knowledgeable about every step involved in securing a safe working environment and containment zone.  
  • Microbial Remediation Technician (MRT): The MRT training course certifies individuals on the proper protocols for safety equipment when performing remediation services on residential and commercial buildings. 
  • Water Damage Restoration Technician (WDRT): Because water damage is the leading cause of mold removal, earning the WDRT certification is imperative in truly resolving a mold issue within the home. 

Department Of Energy And Environment

  • Fully Licensed D.C. Mold Remediation Professional: Washington D.C. is one of the few areas that have strict licensing and certification requirements for all mold remediators. Applicants are required to have at least a million dollars in liability insurance, pass a mold examination, meet extremely rigid standards, and so much more. 

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • Lead-Based Paint Renovation Certification: Washington D.C. and Northern VA homeowners can sleep easy knowing we are well versed in the art of lead paint renovation and repair without comprising the safety of loved ones. 

Indoor Air Quality Association Member (IAQA)

  • IAQA Member: Becoming an IAQA member is the highest honor a mold remediator can achieve in terms of ensuring clean air inside a home; only true experts earn this right. 

Restoration Industry Association (RIA)

  • Certified Mold Professional (CMP): We are extremely proud to say that our company’s owner, David Myrick, is one of roughly 75 people worldwide who have been granted the title of CMP. The certification requirements are so intense that David’s story even became a case study for the RIA. 

Only Trust Your Home With Mold Remediators
Who are TRULY Certified

Let’s face it, mold remediation is no small feat and is not exactly known for being cheap. Doing your due diligence now will save you countless hard-earned dollars in the future to come. The old saying of “measure twice cut once” goes a long way in choosing a reputable mold remediation contractor who is after long-term solutions, not a quick payday. 

Our certified technicians must pass vigorous training sessions throughout their career with Valor Mold. We believe in order to be the absolute best at what you do, you can never stop educating yourself. 

Are you ready to tackle your mold problems head-on and kick them to the curb once and for all? Give the mold nerds a call! 

You can reach our Springfield office Monday-Friday by calling (703) 897-7121, or contact us today!

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