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Straight Talk About Hiring A Mold Remediator In NOVA, Central VA & Washington DC

What To Actually Expect When You
Hire A Company To Remove Your Mold.


I’ll be honest with you: Our mold remediation process is more expensive, disruptive, and involved than most Northern VA, Central VA, and Washington DC homeowners think. 

You may not have access to parts of your home for days. We may have to remove a section of wall (or floor or ceiling) that will need to be replaced later. And you have to have a big machine running in your home, day and night, for the duration of the project.

As for price… 

We charge a flat rate starting at $2,799. That’s nowhere near the most expensive. But it’s probably a little pricier than you were expecting. (For a detailed cost comparison of mold remediation in Central VA and the DC Metro area, visit our Mold Remediation Prices page.)

Why am I telling you all this? Shouldn’t I try to win your business by saying our process is flowers, sunshine, and dirt-cheap? 

I could… but I won’t. Because in most cases, it’s just not true.

We’re a company that prides itself on being honest to a fault. We tell it to you straight. Even if it’s not what you want to hear. Even if we talk ourselves out of the job. 

That’s okay with us. You deserve the truth—especially when it comes to something as dangerous as mold.

So I want to take a few minutes to set some expectations and provide some advice on how to approach hiring a mold remediator. 

A Central VA Mold Remediator Is Only As Good As His Word

You can find plenty of mold companies that will tell you what you want to hear… 

“Your project will be quick!”

“Your project will be painless!”

“Your project will be cheap!”

Most of the time, they say these things to get your signature on the dotted line.

In truth, there are simple mold removal jobs. Ones that don’t take much time, labor, or cost (relatively speaking). But those are the exception rather than the norm.


Because in most instances, the problem goes well beyond the mold you can see.

To show you what I mean, here are a few examples I’ve pulled from our Case Studies:


In these cases, the mold problem went well beyond what was visible on the walls. They took substantial time, effort, and resources to do the job right. 

In this way, mold remediation is like surgery. You don’t truly know what you’re going to find until you start opening up the walls, floors, and so on. What makes us unique in this industry is that we’re up front with homeowners that this could—and does—happen. 

During the initial inspection, we always make it clear that the mold problem is likely more severe than what’s visible… and that we can’t know the extent of the issue until we’ve done some demolition.

When you’re getting an estimate from any mold company, make sure they do the same.

Central VA Mold Companies That Embellish Your Problem

While some mold removal companies try to paint a rosy picture to win your business, others do the opposite: exaggerate your problem to squeeze every penny possible out of you. 

These are often the $5,000-$8,000 companies mentioned on our Mold Remediation Prices page. For a great example of this in action, take a look at this Case Study: “Standing Up To The Bullies”.

The worst-case scenario is running into a company that paints a rosy picture up front and embellishes the problem once they start work. They’ll promise you a great price during the estimate… and then pile up the charges once they “discover” that the “problem is much bigger than anticipated.”

While what the company says may be true… it also may not be. And since you—like the average homeowner—don’t know much about mold, you can’t possibly know if the company is telling the truth.

That’s why THE most important thing you can do is find a mold remediator you can trust

The best way to do that is to perform due diligence on the company’s reputation. Do they have lots of great reviews? Are they upfront about their prices and processes? Do they have great repute in the industry?

If the answer is “yes” to ALL of these questions, you’ve found a winner.

Get In Touch For A No-Nonsense Estimate

We don’t sugarcoat anything. We embellish nothing. And we’re Honest To A Fault

If that’s okay with you, reach out to us. It would be an honor to discuss your project with you… and provide you with the clear-cut answers you deserve.

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