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The Benefits of Professional Mold Testing

Think You Might Have Mold? Here’s Why It Pays To Hire a Professional For the Mold Test

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Mold can wreak havoc on your home. From damaged walls and insulation to health problems and respiratory issues, it’s no wonder so many homeowners live in fear of mold. Mold can also be difficult to detect in the early stages. A mold test can help you identify mold in your home, but it shouldn’t be done by just anyone. A professional mold test could be the difference between mold that goes unnoticed and a home that fully kicks its mold problem.

What Is a Mold Test? What Is the Process?

A mold test is a test done to inspect the levels of mold in your home, as well as the type of mold and where in your home that mold might be located. In a professional mold test, the air inside and outside of the home is tested in order to compare the samples and get a sense of the mold levels inside the home. If mold levels inside are equal to or less than those outside, your home is safe. If it is greater, the mold test professional will recommend action to remove the mold.

The best call for a precise mold test is to hire a professional. But many home improvement contractors offer mold testing kits that allow homeowners to do it themselves. It’s certainly cheaper, but is it worth it? Here are a few reasons to opt for a professional mold test.

Benefits of a Professional Mold Test vs. a DIY Mold Test

It’s true that a DIY mold test kit is cheaper than a professional mold test, as you won’t have to pay for any professional labor on the mold test. However, a faulty mold test could be costly to your home. It’s always best to do it right the first time, which is why we recommend a professional mold test. Benefits of a professional mold test rather than a DIY test include:
  • Cost savings. Even though a professional mold test is more expensive upfront, it might actually save you money in the long run. The further your mold problem extends throughout your home, the more costly the mold removal will be. If you miss some of the mold or get the readings wrong on your DIY mold test, you’ll end up with a very expensive mold removal process. If you catch the mold problem early, you’ll save.
  • Find hidden mold growth areas. Most homeowners order a mold test after a flood or after finding a leak in their home. This is a good time to do so, but a mold test will go beyond those suspected problem areas. They might notice high mold levels in a spot where you never suspected there to be mold, offering you a chance to nip that in the bud.
  • Protect your health. Mold doesn’t just harm your home. It can also be a detriment to your health…and the health of your family. Headaches, fatigue, respiratory issues, nosebleeds and more are par for the course in a moldy home. The sooner you spot and get rid of the mold, the sooner those symptoms will abate.
  • Satisfies your role as a landlord or business owner. We talk about home mold tests, but what if you’re the owner of a rental property or a business owner? When you’re responsible for others, a simple store-bought mold test kit and an amateur glance won’t cut it. When you hire a professional to perform the mold test, you’ll know that you did the most.
  • Instant test results. Valor Mold uses one of the 70 machines in the world that tests mold instantly, so you’ll get the results right away. Mold is the sort of issue that requires quick action. With these test machines, you won’t have to anxiously wait around.

Valor Mold has 15+ years of experience when it comes to mold testing and mold remediation, serving over 300 happy customers since our opening in 2006. We’re a trusted authority when it comes to mold, so much that others around the country come to us for help with their mold issues. Contact us today to learn more about our mold testing or to get started.

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