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The Seven “Deadly Sins” Of Mold Remediation

If A DC Mold Remediator Is Guilty Of Any Of The Following, Run Away. FAST.

Mold remediation in Washington DC is slowly becoming standardized, but there are still some remediation contractors who live that Wild West attitude of no rules and anything goes. We’ve gathered the seven worst practices of the less than trustworthy members of our industry to help you avoid becoming their next victim and what we do instead.

Deadly Sin 1: Exaggerating Your Problem

The Problem: Remediators use your (and everyone else’s) lack of knowledge regarding the mold remediation process to frighten you into services you don’t need. They often start with small, inexpensive procedures until they ‘find’ a serious problem needing immediate (and expensive) action.

What We Do: We always recommend the most cost-effective way to solve your problem – even if it isn’t as profitable for us. We will even offer to seal the mold up to buy you time if you aren’t financially able to act right away.

We are busy enough without creating work out of thin air. In truth, that’s probably why we are so busy.

Deadly Sin 2: Offering Testing That Mostly Happens Offsite

The Problem: There are two issues here. First is the cost—lab fees aren’t cheap! And you, the homeowner, have to foot the bill.

Second, there’s no real control of offsite labs. One tech might see something and call it mold, while the next tech would have called it pollen. Lab testing for mold has been shown to be less useful than flipping a coin.

What We Do: We use a portable sensor that we bring into your home and test every room. This is the same basic equipment the UK government used to check airports and train stations for anthrax. There are only 70 such units in the world, and we have one of them.

When we leave your home, you will know whether you have mold or not, with 100% certainty, and where it is if you do.

Deadly Sin 3: Chemical Treatments

The Problem: It is exceedingly rare to need harsh chemicals to remove mold. If your mold remediator is using chemicals to treat the mold, they are either uneducated in the field, sloppy, or lazy. Whichever answer is true, you don’t want them spraying their chemicals around your family.

What We Do: Chemicals are required in less than 3% of the cases we see. We use non-corrosive, non-harmful natural ingredients in our treatments and solve the problem on the first pass 93% of the time.

We aren’t in the business of leaving behind something worse than what we removed.

Deadly Sin 4: Water-Damage Services Claiming They Know Mold

The Problem: Water-damage restoration companies often carry mold certifications, but they are rarely trained to the rigors of actual mold remediation. Chances are, they have few actual mold remediation jobs under their belts.

What We Do: We eat, sleep, and… wait. We eat and sleep mold. It’s our specialty, it’s our only concern, and we have 100’s of successful cases behind us. Our depth of knowledge on the subject is second to none.

We love what we do and take pride in doing it the right way.

Deadly Sin 5: Remediation Imposters

The Problem: There are scam artists out there, right now as you read this, pretending to be fully trained, licensed, and insured for mold remediation work.

What We Do: We are a fully trained, licensed, and insured mold remediation company with the paperwork to prove it. We also have a reference list a mile long, if you care to ask.

Regulations on this industry are slim, but the certifications are comprehensive, and they are real.

Deadly Sin 6: Not Thinking It Through

The Problem: Remediators are often too quick to act without thinking your problem through. They just reach for the biggest hammer, so to speak, and start swinging while you potentially spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

What We Do: We study your problem and give in-depth thought. We don’t act until our plan makes sense and is the best and most cost-effective way to solve your problem.

We once saved a client $30,000 by telling them to open their windows on a few windy days instead of immediately setting up an array of air purifiers. Their problem ended up being a new throw rug that they simply threw away for the cost of the rug and our testing.

Deadly Sin 7: Using Imitation Materials

The Problem: Some remediators will use imitation materials while charging for the ‘real deal’ to save on expenses.

What We Do: We only use authentic materials – No Exceptions.

The worst part is that the counterfeit materials won’t do the job and the poor homeowner is stuck going through the whole remediation process again. That just isn’t acceptable to us. We’ll take a loss on a job before we force one on our customers.

If you are concerned about the mold levels in your DC area home, contact us at Valor Mold Removal to get your home tested with 100% accuracy.

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