This Customer Review Says It All

This Customer Review Says It All

This Review From A DC Homeowner Perfectly
Captures Why It’s Better To Call Valor Mold

Rather Than More “Run-Around” Nonsense,
hey FINALLY Got Straight Answers & Results!

In today’s blog, we’d like to share a review from a customer in the DC area. Actually, the man and his wife didn’t end up working with us, but their story really captures what WAY too many people go through. As if dealing with mold isn’t challenging enough. Dishonest, low-quality mold remediation contractors often make the problem 10x worse.
Their first statement sums up their overall impression.

“Valor Mold knows more about mold and mold removal than anyone else you’ll find in the industry in the DC Area.”

It’s true. No one’s more Fanatical About Mold Removal than we are. As we like to say, we’ve got a Ph.D. in this work, and folks can tell the moment they contact us. We’re passionate. We’re professional. But we’re also downright nerdy about the science behind our methods.

“Our home went through FIVE rounds of remediation with two other contractors before we found them. We were still having problems, and they were the first people we talked to who really understood what was going on (and I talked to many other companies besides the two who worked on our home before I found Valor).”

It’s hard to imagine putting a family through five rounds of remediation with no results. Not only had they been through two less experienced (and nerdy) DC mold contractors, but they called others looking for answers to no avail.

What a hassle!

Then they found our website, did some reading, and gave us a call…

“They came out to our home to assess it, and I had multiple conversations with them on the phone, discussing our options. These weren’t short conversations, and they were very generous with their time.”

You bet. We operate on a strict policy of Open-Book Honesty at Valor Mold and aren’t going to try and sell you services you don’t need. Got questions? We got answers, insight, suggestions, and recommendations, but no sales pressure or deceptive (predatory) practices.

“They never pushed me to perform any expensive remediation work and, in fact, talked me out of some of the options I was considering.”

Sounds crazy, right, that we simply told them the truth about their situation and helped them avoid wasting money on mold remediation treatments that won’t work? At Valor, we believe in removing mold the right way, without chemicals.

“In the end, based on my conversations with Valor, we opted for a solution other than further mold remediation, so I never ended up using their services. That said, if I could do it over again, I would hands-down go with Valor Mold!”

The bottom line is that once you connect with us, you’re going to get the HELP and INFORMATION you need. It’s a great feeling, especially when you’ve been getting the run-around.

If mold should become an issue in your life, remember us. Put Valor Mold to the test. Reach out, Contact Us, and experience honest-to-goodness customer service. We’ve been serving Northern VA, Central VA, Southern MD, and Washington DC homeowners since 2006, and we’ll be here when you need us.