Top 20 Mold Articles In 2017!

Top 20 Mold Articles In 2017!

Year In Review: Top 20 Mold Articles In 2017!

Year In Review: Top 20 Mold Articles In 2017!
Year In Review: Top 20 Mold Articles In 2017!

In 2016 Valor Mold launched our blog to inform and educate consumers and customers in the Washington DC area.

Since then, our website had more than 52,000 page views largely in part because of the many articles we have published to ensure that people understand indoor air quality issues.

Reflecting on the past year, listed below are the top 20 articles by readership during 2017. We look forward serving you in 2018. 🙂

The team at Valor Mold thanks you for all your patronage and support in 2017 and looks forward to serving you in 2018. Happy New Year! :-)
The team at Valor Mold thanks you for all your patronage and support in 2017 and looks forward to serving you in 2018. Happy New Year! 🙂

Top 20 Mold Blogs Of 2017

  1. What Can I Do If I Find Mold In My Rental Property?: If you find mold in your apartment or rental home and are not sure what to do, this article provides you with some tips on how to proceed.
  2. How Toxic Is Black Mold?: Black mold aka Stachybotrys is the dreaded toxic mold people worry about. This article explains what it is and the top 15 health problems exposure causes!
  3. What Role Does Genetics Play In Mold Illness?: Do You Have A Genetic Predisposition To Mold Illness? This article explains what Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome is and lists the top 37 symptoms.
  4. Top 10 Facts About Mold You Should Be Aware Of!: Do you know why your home is a perfect food source for mold? This is just one fact about mold. This article lists and explains the top 10 facts about mold!
  5. What Impact Does Mold Have On Pets?: If you think mold is making your pet sick, this article explains why, what symptoms to look for, and what you should do.
  6. Top 10 Mold Removal Scams To Avoid!: Want to learn how to protect yourself from mold scams? Here are the top 10 scams, #2, #3, and #6 are common. Protect yourself with these 5 steps.
  7. Top 3 Reasons Mold Sickness Is A Hidden Epidemic!: Hidden mold and modern day building practices are two key reasons. What do you think the third one is?
  8. What Is The Link Between Mold and Depression?: This article explains why mold is a potential cause of depression by citing symptoms, scientific research, and testimonials from patients sickened by mold!
  9. Top 25 Winter Mold Prevention Tips!: Mold is a concern during every season, including the winter months. This article provides you with 25 tips to prevent mold in your home.
  10. Does Mold Impact The Myelin Sheath?: This article explores the possible links between mold and Multiple Sclerosis.
  11. Top 10 Reasons You Need To Be Aware Of Mold!: This article lists and explains the top 10 reasons you need to be aware of mold!
  12. Crawlspace Mold: What You Should Know!: An open or unfinished crawlspace is one of the most convenient areas for mold to flourish. This article explains why and what you can do to prevent mold growth.
  13. Your Crawlspace and Indoor Air Quality: What You Should Know!: Did you know that your crawlspace can impact the air in your home? This article explains why, explaining the top 5 ways your crawlspace affects your home.
  14. Can Your Air Conditioner Make You Sick?: Your air conditioner can be a source of mold contamination. This article explains why, health consequences, and what you can do to fix and prevent mold issues.
  15. Top 40 Articles On Mold Indoor Air Quality!: The Ultimate Mold Education Resource! Links to 40 articles on mold facts, black mold, mold and health, water damage and mold, mold prevention and mold removal!
  16. Crawlspace Encapsulation: What You Should Know!: This article explains why vapor barrier is so important when your crawlspace is encapsulated.
  17. 15 Common Questions About Mold, Health, and Indoor Air Quality!: Wondering why mold is a health concern? This article lists the top 15 questions asked about specific health problems caused by mold.
  18. I Think I May Have Mold! What Should I Do?: If you think you have mold, but are not certain, call 571-210-2040! We are Washington DC areas premier mold inspection, mold testing, and mold removal experts!
  19. Does Mold Impact Pregnant Women and Infants?: This article explores the possible link between mold and miscarriage, SIDS, asthma, and pulmonary hemorrhage.
  20. Does A Low ERMI Score Mean Your Home Is Safe From Mold?: A Low ERMI Score Does Not Mean Your Home Is Mold Free! This article explains why ERMI is not a valid test in Post Mold Remediation Verification.

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