Top 20 Mold Articles In 2019!

Top 20 Mold Articles In 2019!

Year In Review: Top 20 Mold Articles In 2019!

In 2016 Valor Mold launched our blog to inform and educate consumers and customers in the Washington DC area.

Since then, there have been over 135,000 page views because so many people read and share our articles on social media. Awareness is our goal and it is working!

Listed below are the top 20 articles, by readership, during 2019. We look forward serving you in 2020. 🙂

Year In Review: Top 20 Mold Articles In 2019!
Year In Review: Top 20 Mold Articles In 2019!
  1. Ten Things You Should Know About Mold!: Considering that some molds, like Stachybotrys chartarum and Aspergillus, produce mycotoxins that cause sickness, the purpose of this article is to list and explain the top 10 concerns caused by mold. Pay particular attention to the health concerns numbers 2, 4, 7, and 10.
  2. What Are The Signs of Mold Sickness?: Diagnosing mold sickness is challenging because there are 37 common symptoms. In this article, we explain how to determine if mold is the cause of ill health and provide you with action steps to recover.
  3. Does Mold Affect Your Brain?: This article explains why mold is a potential cause of depression by citing symptoms, scientific research, and testimonials from patients sickened by mold!
  4. 10 Key Facts About Mold!: Over the years, we have encountered many questions about mold. Inside this article you will learn about 10 key facts about mold. Please pay particular attention to facts number 1, 3, 6, and 7.
  5. 5 Actions You Should Not Take If You Find Mold!: This article explains why you should never disturb mold, explains the top 5 actions you should never take if you find mold, and identifies the top 7 areas in your home that you will likely find it.
  6. 15 Health Problems Caused By Air Conditioners!: Your air conditioner can be a source of mold contamination. This article explains why, 15 health consequences, and what you can do to fix and prevent mold issues.
  7. How Toxic Is Black Mold?: Black mold aka Stachybotrys is the dreaded toxic mold people worry about. This article explains what it is and the top 15 health problems exposure causes!?
  8. What Causes Attic Mold?: This article lists and explains the top 4 reasons why mold will grow in your attic and how you can prevent this from happening.
  9. Top 4 Questions Asked About Mold!: This article explains what causes mold growth, explains what the most common types and varieties of mold are, how mold professionals find and detect mold, and why you should be concerned about the potential health implications caused by mold exposure
  10. Does A Low ERMI Score Mean Your Home Is Safe From Mold?: A Low ERMI Score Does Not Mean Your Home Is Mold Free! This article explains why ERMI is not a valid test in Post Mold Remediation Verification.
  11. Killing Mold Will Not Solve Your Problem!: One of the most common questions we encounter from new and existing customers pertains to bleach and its use to kill mold. This is a valid question. Part of the problem is the Internet. With respect to mold removal, this myth is perpetuated. You should not use bleach to kill mold. This article explains why.
  12. Eight Steps to Proper Mold Removal!: If you found mold in your Washington, DC area home or business, this article explains the eight step process remediation professionals follow to effectively remove mold from your home. We posted mold removal videos so you can watch the process also.
  13. What Is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome?: Valor Mold specializes in removing mold from those that suffer from chronic inflammatory response syndrome. If you have a genetic predisposition to mold illness, call the mold sensitized experts, 703-897-7121
  14. Why Does My Crawlspace Need A Vapor Barrier?: In this article we explain why crawlspace encapsulation is so important listing the top 5 reasons it needs a vapor barrier.
  15. Preventing Mold in Your Crawl Space!: One area of your home susceptible to mold growth is your crawl space. In this article we explain why mold grows and how to prevent it.
  16. What Happens During A Professional Mold Inspection!: This article provides a detailed explanation of what happens during a mold inspection, outlining the goals and the four actions that the professionals at Valor Mold take.
  17. Crawlspace Mold Forces Family Out Of Home: This family was forced out of their home because they had mold growing in their crawlspace, leading to poor indoor air. Valor Mold serves the areas of Fairfax VA, Washington DC, Alexandria VA, and Central VA. This article explains how and why your crawlspace could be contaminating your indoor air.
  18. What Can I Do If I Find Mold In My Rental Property?: If you find mold in your apartment or rental home and are not sure what to do, this article provides you with some tips on how to proceed.
  19. Is Black Mold Dangerous?: We often hear about black mold in the media. This article explores the topic of black mold, explaining what it is, why it grows, and the potential health consequences of exposure. In addition, we list and explain 8 myths about mold that most people believe!
  20. How to Prevent Mold from Growing Indoors in the Winter!: This article has two goals. First we explain 7 facts about mold. Second we provide you with 25 suggestions and tips to prevent mold from growing during the cooler months.

Got Mold Questions?

Got Mold Questions?
Got Mold Questions?

Valor Mold has been serving the Washington DC Metro area for more than a decade. We are experts at removing mold. Services we specialize in include:

  1. Mold Remediation
  2. Soda Blasting
  3. Air-Quality Cleaning
  4. Crawl Space Encapsulation
  5. Humidity & Moisture Control Solutions
If you have any mold concerns, please call us, 703-897-7121 or send us an e-mail. We look forward to serving you! 🙂